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Debt collection from my crash at the MINT 400

jon coleman

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keep track, if they go over a certain level, u Sue them!!!, lottsa laws on broke peoples side,just remember, forgiven dept is taxable& you dont tell the irs to take a hike


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I take it Jon didn’t listen. Haha.


Wendell #527

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Excellent recording! Those high hp lawnmowers can be tricky to operate. And I love the wife’s occupation. Great stuff!


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could not make it to the end,someone please tell me the finish.
Bottom line, she waved another 650.00 because she didnt know what the F to do! Next caller please!

On a good note, I am 40-50% recovered but not thinking I will be able to race again.


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thats cause your old nit cause of your back


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Sounds like that 3.5hp Briggs is pretty damn torquey.........sounds as though it cut off the other guys legs and broke a back !!

Makes me seriously consider shelving our 6100 / TT Spec / Baja Truck project and run out to purchase that Briggs lawn mower.

With a little suspension work, that Briggs mower could be awesome !!

On second thought, since we are so far along in our build, maybe BITD / SCORE & others might consider allowing those 3.5hp Briggs engines into the "spec" classes.....that sure would save us racers a bunch of dough !

Sorry guys.......I couldn't resist !

harleys dad

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That is the best damn thing, hand model and lawn mower burning your back

Big Hock

I’ve taken notes for next time It happens to me.
i totally believe they charged 3500 for something you got for 650 too. That’s what they do.


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My brother and I were roommates back in the 90s when he had cancer. We sound identical on the phone so when they called to collect bills I would feed them a line of BS every time. I would always ask why insurance didn't cover the particular bill and they would always say "Your insurance did not think it was a necessary test" I would reply with "Well, then you should tell my doctors not to perform the test or fight with the insurance company, cuz I aint paying for something I can't afford. I would rather eat than pay you!" In the end he had to file medical bankruptcy to get out of about $40K we couldn't afford.


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Don't you just love the US medical and insurance system?
When you are sitting with your brother at the hospital when he was told he had 2 to 6 weeks to live because the cancer was spreading so fast, you do what the doctors tell you to do. If they want a Cat scan, you get one. They want to run a bazillion tests and send everything to Mayo for them to prescribe the near life ending chemo, you agree, assuming your insurance will pick up the tab because that is what you have been paying them for the last 8 years for. You don't have time to second guess or question the drs. And then to get a phone call that a doctor, paid by an insurance company, is trying to play Quarterback on Monday saying you didn't actually need this or that is complete BS! I have not been in that situation for a long time, but I hope it has gotten better than it was in 1997-1999.

By the way, my brother lived, thanks to those doctors that rushed through everything and got him treatment within two weeks of being diagnosed. He has had lots and lots of complications and side affects, but he is still alive. He was 28 when diagnosed and 51 now.