defeat at Baja 500


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For those who came back from the 500, defeated, this is a clip from from a news letter written by John's co-driver...

"There isn’t much to be learned from winning, winning is the culmination or payoff for had work and attention to details, few things are learned in winning. But how people deal with adversity and disappointment and how they carry themselves in light of those situations one can learn a great deal. I, for one, have learned how to deal with these types of things first hand from my teammates, namely John and Terrie to handle them with class and dignity and to always remember why we do what we do. That is, because we love the desert and we love to compete. I’ve learned more life’s lessons from my friends in defeat and DNF’s than a lifetime of winning! That doesn’t mean I don’t like winning, on the contrary its what we all are striving for.
I feel very fortunate to have such good people, friends to help me learn life’s lessons through racing and cherish the time spent with these good folks! My deepest feeling is that I don’t race enough, but we live life every day and those lessons that can be applied to our daily life are the most valuable and useful. But if I can learn from racing some of those lessons, well then that’s a win – win situation to me!"
~ Kevin Kleinsmith ~


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Very cool words. I'll take people who end the race some place other than first & do it with class, dignity, and perhaps an explanation if needed (But no excuses) over people who finish first and act like it was supposed to be that way any time.


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