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Desert Clean-Up

John Bitting

Operation Desert Clean-up 2 is coming up on Oct 20th. We need all of the RDC readers out there in a show of force. Lets show the people how many readers we have that want to help keep racing in our dezerts. Even if you can just get out there for an hour or two you dont have to stay the night. I missed last year due to moving but will be there this year for sure to help out. Paige Donahoe and her group have done an outstanding job once again this year putting this thing together and getting awesome przes and raffle gifts. This is a win win situation.. It might not be our trash out there but it sends a message to the people that think it is...


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Thanks John,

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there this year. The only thing we still need is a band!

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Hey Paige,
I have an idea. How about the band that played at last years expo, Las Pendejos. I think most people would concur that they rocked the joint playing 80's rock. I'm not sure how to get in touch with them but I would assume that someone who reads this forum does.