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Desert Performance is now open for business!
We have the best possible Prices on Beard Seats, Limit Straps and Window Nets.
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Introducing Beard Express Shipping!!! Get a custom seat Shipped in 72 hours!!*
Choose from our list of Express Seat Styles and colors and we will ship your seats in 72 hours!! Only Through Desert Performance.

Desert Performance Named The Official Parts Supplier For the Jeep Speed Challenge.
We carry everything it takes to turn your Cherokee into a Jeep Speed Race Car.
Visit Our Web Site To find out more and watch our own Jeep Speed Race Car take shape!

We also Carry Full lines from Currie, Crow, Skyjacker and many more. Visit Our Site!!

The site is constantly changing and we are working on it every day to make it more customer friendly. Check back often for updates.

*Call for Details

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