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On Topic Desert Runners Racing Class 12 Codriver Seats Available


Capt. Hindsight
OK, Folks. We're less than 2 weeks out from RATR. If you've been around SNORE or BITD you may know our Class-12 team Desert Runners Racing. We've been racing for some time and are not newcomers to the sport.

By a sheer twist of bad timing, all my normal codrivers are unavailable for the weekend. I'm willing to entertain paid codrivers for both Saturday & Sunday. Cost is $450 per day, which I think is pretty reasonable for a known & established team. You can buy one or both days. We can also entertain a reasonable number friends or family members at our pits during the race.

Would prefer you had your own helmet, HnN Restraint, and Fire Suit, but we might be able to find a set if you have none. Not sure if anyone rents suits. etc. I'll put a rider weight limit of 200LBS for potential riders (we are a cc limited class). Experience isn't necessary, just willing to endure a hard/fast buggy ride. I'll require a hold-harmless waiver to be signed as well (I have this).

Contact me via text or phone call.

C757-348-2485 "Benny"




Capt. Hindsight
By the way, just like with most things, the seat cost is negotiable. If someone wants to race both days, sure we can strike a cheaper deal too. FYI


Capt. Hindsight
Just wanted to update everyone, Saturday's seat is sold and filled. If you are considering gifting the seat for an early Christmas gift, better to act sooner than later. Otherwise, see all my race buds in Laughlin in 7 days! :)
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Capt. Hindsight
Sunday's seat is still available.