Desert Storm Video Segement on


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Oct 15, 2008
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The Desert Storm Rally is on

Click on the upper right and left hand corner and the first segement is the NHRDA and then Desert Storm is the second half. We will be getting the TV verson downloaded to the DS website very soon and will be on the homepage for all to see...

Interviews with
Marco Zapata
Jim Morris
Bill Holmes
Doug Chernis

Showing of Marco, Jim, Bill, Doug, Jon Rea, Jim Palermo and all of the great competitors that came out....

Hope you like it and we have already talked about for 2010 doing a much bigger segment and more interviews and more areas to show competitors rallying and on the I-10 speedway.

Desert Storm Rally was just on-June 27th, 2009 in Az area Channel 7 Cox Cable. We thank Roddin/Racin for filiming the event.

We hope to have a segment for Seed 9 Rally and Phoenix Rally later on this year as well...

Denise McMahon
Chairperson-Desert Storm Rally/ Plan B Rally
Series Director - Southwest RallyCup Series