Desert Toyz Blue Water GP Race Story

Desert Toyz

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This race was another long day, late night grind to get our race vehicles ready. Desert Toyz race team's plan was to race the Rhino, RZR-S, and my Honda 450r Quad. The RZR-S would be driven by Mike Cook with Bill Fain navigating. The quad would enter the expert class with Matt Seay and myself riding. For my wife’s mother’s day gift, I switched it up, and she drove the Desert Toyz Rhino and I was the navigator. This would be the second time she has driven the Rhino, and the first time I have navigated with her. Let me tell you my wife is an awesome driver!! I was sooo impressed. When she gets behind the wheel with the helmet on she is a fierce competitor! So my race started the weekend before at the Lucas Off Road Race Series at Speedworld. (For those of you who do not know I work for LOORS as an Official, I tech inspect UTV's, Trophy Karts and pretty much anything else having to do with the event...even dealing with BEES) My Race Rhino was on display at the PCI Trailer on vendor row. On Friday Dan Kelly blew up his Teyrx during qualifying. He asked if he could use my Rhino for the race. I said sure. I was so busy working I forgot to tell him I had a manual switch for the radiator fan. The engine got hot and hurt the head gasket. So of course I had to add r/r my engine and changing out the head gasket to the already long list of things to do. The week before the race is all just a blur now. Going to bed at 3 or 4am and waking up at 6am is all I really remember. So Thursday I get like one hour of sleep and it's off to Parker AZ. Thank the Lord it is only a 2.5 hour drive! We arrived at 12:30pm set up the trailers and teched UTV's all day. I finished up one of the last teams just in time to run to the drivers meeting. I feel asleep in the meeting and woke up right the end. Back to the trailer to finish the race prep. I went to bed around 2am and back up at 5am to set up our pit down at the Colorado River. My first race of the day was the Unclassified race. The plan was for me to drive and Matt aka "Buttons" to ride with me. My Daughter Hailey had soccer game on Saturday morning so Jeanette was driving to Parker after the game. Our one lap was going great until 2 miles from the finish when I stuffed it into a hole and broke a tie rod end. Of course I had a spare so I changed it out and we drove to the finish. As soon as we parked in the pit I inspected the front end and found that I had also bent a knuckle, cracked an upper a-arm. I made a gusset for the a-arm and welded it with Jagged X's welder. Now it was time for my Quad race. Buttons started and rode lap1 and 2 on lap 2 he blew a turn in the dust and got stuck in a raveen. He had to hike to find a BITD official to help pull the Quad out. We were down 25 minutes when he gave the Quad to me. I left the pit area feeling like Wayne Matlock on a mission to win the race. My first lap I felt great but when I went thru the water crossing I went way to fast and got mud on the inside and outside of my face shield. I could not see!! At one point I launched off a 35ft drop off in the dust. Holy cow!! I stopped in the pit to get my face shield cleaned but they only got the outside. I really didn't matter, because by mile 3 I was a noodle anyways. I could barley hang on the the bars under full acceleration. At one point I hit a series of woops and completely lost he bars only hanging on with my legs! So I pretty much milked it the second lap. Then turned it over to Buttons he did 2 more laps and we finished somewhere close to last. I was just happy to have not fallen off! I was so tired after the Quad race that I know energy to finish fixing my Rhino. My long time friend Greg aka "gravy" Crowther took charge and got the Rhino race ready for me. My wife showed up with the kids and the race nanny. We suited up, soaked ourselves with water and headed for the start. This was only the second time Jeanette had driven the race Rhino and she was a bit nervous, but when the green flag dropped all the nervousness was gone. The start was a land rush style, (16 teams in one line all starting at the same time) and Jeanette was not intimated by all the bumping going on. She held her line and by the second turn we dropped into and single file line in 7th position.
Lap 1 Jeanette drove a little slow so she could learn the track. Lap 2 she really picked up the pace and on lap 3 she was wide open. Unfortunately our Rhino started getting hot and spiting coolant. I told Jeanette about the problem and that we would have to stop in the pit. She was not happy. When we got to the pit it was like NASCAR. There were 6 or 7 people waiting for us with water, towels and coolant. We were in and out in just a few minutes. Lap 4 and 5 I made Jeanette slow down in some areas to allow the Rhino to cool down. On lap 5 the 1912 passed us and then the leader 1931. Jeanette got all fired up she does not like to be passed. I was glad that the leader passed us, that meant we did not have to race the last lap. I don't know if "Old Yeller" had one more lap in her, she had been running at 220 to 240 water temp and was still spiting coolant. Oh yea I forgot to tell you about the house! About half way around the track was an abandon house that we had to race through. For some reason Jeanette could not find a way through the house without hitting it! In her defense the concrete was way wet and muddy making it feel like ice. One lap she slid and hit the house so hard I thought it was going to fall down on us!! We ended up finishing the race in 7th position and were very happy about that. This track was very rough and with only 8" of wheel travel, an overheating Rhino and uncontrollable 4 wheel steering (that’s another story) we were very happy to finish!
Thank you to all the other teams that showed up to make this a great race. Thank you to my sponsors; Desert Toyz, Yamaha, Elka shocks, Maxxis tires, Black Rhino, OMF wheels, Web Cam, PCI radios, Ride-on tire balancer/sealant, Auto Style, Sudco and our newest sponsor Lucas Oil. See ya at the grand daddy, Vegas to Reno 1000 miles. Cory S