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Dewalt Impact


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I am in the market for a 3/8 drive battery impact. I am a mechanic, but I have been a little old school and slow to get on the band wagon for a battery impact. Although I do have an older Snap On batt impact, but it isn't very powerful and just sits because it is have and bulky.

Milwaukee makes a great 3/8 brushless impact, but I already have a bunch of 20v Dewalt batteries and a charger, so I think I would like to stick with Dewalt. I can buy a "bare tool" at a significant savings. However, Dewalt's 3/8 drive isn't as powerful and is not "brushless" Dewalt does make a "brushless" 20v 1/2" drive impact.

So I am wondering if anyone knows if Dewalt is going to be coming out with a 3/8 brushless impact, or should I just go with the regular one?


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^^^^Agreed. I have one also. It works great and will take lugs off if needed