Dezert Nutz

Baja Bandits

We are a couple of brothers who were introduced to the Spierkoff's by our dad back in the late 80's. Steve & Jeremy offered us spots on the Spirit BFG Ford Motorsports pit crew for the Baja 1000 and we were bit! We enjoyed being a part of the team participating at the 1000 for a number of years until having families and raising children took precident. Although I was able to take my daughter once (12 years old at the time). She was part of the team that year and drew the not so glamourous, but extremely important KP duty. Man those people worked their butts off.

A few years ago my brother & I decided it was time to introduce our sons to the desert scene and now they are bit! We hooked up with some great people at Precepts Motorsports and started chasing the VTR and 1000 for them. Recently my son & I hooked up with the VORRA crew at Fallon and pitted a 7, 9, Group T and a 5 car. What a great group of people. We are looking forward to seeing them again in Hawthorne. The boys really enjoy being part of desert racing. They are learning a lot and we all can't wait till business gets a little better so we can get our own car.

We call ourselves the Baja Bandits and have a website where you can get contact info. We will soon have pics and story of our chase capers. The site is a bit crude and is still under construction so please excuse the mess...... we are racers not webmasters.

Thanks for letting be a part of your post.

Mark & Christian
Brad, Cole & Cody
"We've got the pistols.... so we'll keep the pesos"