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Dezert People 12 - Video trailer and premiere info

I will keep this thread and first post up to date as the new premiere locations are setup.

Click here to order the DVD or Blu-Ray in the RDC store.

The Dezert People 12 premiere tour starts Thursday September 10th at Legacy Brewing in Oceanside, CA. Visit www.dezertpeople.com for details about each premiere location. We will have a raffle at Oceanside, Las Vegas and Santee which will benefit FAST-Aid.

The 2015 DP12 premiere tour schedule: (check back often for updates)

Dezert People 12 is brought to you by - Off Road Action, Geiser Bros.,Axial Racing, FOX, PCI Race Radios, Vision X, Race-dezert.com, Baja Junkies, SDHQ, Grizzly Coolers, MAXTRAX, TrailReady Products, FAST-Aid, and GETSOMEphoto.

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Looks like another great video. Few Aussies in the show.
Curran roll at Finke 2013.
Geddes roll at Gundy possibly 2013.
Swaff, Geddes and Curran at Finke.


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Thanks Curtis Guise an team for the continuation of bringing great video's . Well be at the Vegas one again and score on that raffle !!

Chris Tobin

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Looks good as usual Curtis!!! Maybe you should talk to RPM Offroad about doing a screening at their Open House event coming up... You gave them love in the movie and it would be cool to help all the Eastern guys know more about the Desert Racing scene!!! I'm not sure yet what the date is for this year, but I expect to attend again as I have in year's past and it has been a good event!!!


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Good stuff! I especially like the 1:38 mark!

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Tried to solicit Curtis to do one at our theatre with a new 40'x20' screen and custom sound system. I was a day late and a dollar short!

El Mamito USMC

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great.. thanks guys..

any handlebars on it, this time?

El Mamito USMC

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There is a little. Mostly helmet cam footage and allot of crashes.
nice let me know if you want some more for next dvd. I got 2 nice falls from this years V2R..


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Glad La Palapa is able to host another offroad night. We are going to be showing each & every SCORE race and other desert events to air on CBS sports and other US stations. If its not announced just show up and ask. We will put it all all the TVs...