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At the top of my screen is an advertisement for it just says coming soon. John or Klause, what is this? Looks interesting.


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Is the video going to be available on DVD? I think that would be awesome.


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as I type this the first DVD is being burned, but it's only a copy that we will use to play on our big screen and other monitors in our booths at the Off-Road Expo.
We have talked about selling DVD's, but that will not be for 2 - 4 months from now I think. I want to spend some time authoring the DVD to have cool menus and additional footage, trailers etc... It will be a definite must have for anyone with a DVD player...

thanks for the interest, it helps show me the demand for a DVD version...

Curtis Guise

Curtis Guise

Sorry, I don't have an exact list to post of all the vehicles. Let's just say that I captured over 1,100 video clips to my system to edit this video and I didn't even come close to using all of them. Some of the unused clips will be used for #2 maybe.

The teams that there are full sections on, or at least a minute or more of are: Terrible Herbst, SMD Motorsports, Mark Newhan, Letner Racing, Prostadium, Team EJR, Damen Jeffries, Inland Prerunners, Locos Mocos, Dan Vance, I think that's it. Then there are great shots of Robby G. going huge. The road jump from the 97' Laughlin race. And to much more good stuff to list... It is a collection of both mine and Klaus' footage from the last four years, plus additional footage provided by a couple of the teams and friends of ours. There is great heli footage of booth the Herbst vehicles and also from the Temecula motorsports bike and quad. We have everything from bikes, quads, buggies (even class 11) to Trophy Trucks...

We feel that this style of video for our sport is LONG overdue. It is a clean and professional portrayal of desert racing.


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Everyone is going to want to get a copy of this video!!! What I saw of it was awesome! And I am stoke that me and my truck are in it.

One of the first things I am doing at the expo is to buy my copy!