DID Anyone catch Paul Oakenfold @ On Broadway


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Good ol' Oakie in the spotlight again. Can't blame him though, hes going with the times, he no longer spins techno/trance, its electronic pop.


Jerry Maguire
I went to his last show and was really disappointed. They let in way to many people and it was way to cramped. Plus there were a lot of kooks there who don't appreciate the music, but just want to get f'ed up.


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yeah hey thats true to many people and espeacially ones who did not appreciate the music...... But i was worried hed be playing that techno pop stufff but nop.... nothing but the new trance stuff i hope his upcoming cd is like that ...also Hernan Cattaneo did very well in warming up the crowd i DL'd some of his mixes last night very very nice!!!!
this was like my third time seeing him live and i've never seen him do a set like tuesday night's. it was definately more progressive than the pop poop. If that set was any sign of things to come i am very much back onto the oakie bandwagon.
I still prefer d:fuse tho. :p