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Digital position display.


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Been around awhile. Miss the old days when I could follow a race and physically and understand who is ahead. That was accomplished by a drawing and you changed your car number every race! Pain in the ass but we as spectators could see when 1655 was up into 1620’s.

This sport needs to get with the times. Ever watch La Mans or Indycar? Digital displays that give current positions day or night. We have tracking and should be accomplished fairly easily.

Think this would really help to better understand endurance racing and get a TV package that most people could follow.

I’ll eat popcorn now and listen! Have at it!


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its super easy, but $$. nobody wants to spend the money on a system. They could set it up so each check point has a station to track that the user went though.
but again, $$.


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Racing trax is great but not always accurate. There are usually a few vehicles in each class that are not showing up and give you false results.

I do think we need a manual system where maybe 2 or 3 checkpoints display their results real time. Find checkpoints that have good cell Service and have them update a shared excel file then have someone at home or anywhere post that updated shared file.

I think we rely on a system that’s supposed to be automated but it does not work.

in one race I had my team telling me I was in the top 5 as they were looking at racing trax. Come to find out we were not as 3 trucks were not updating. Kind of screws with your mind and race plan.

I think we need a more manual reliable solution and we have the checkpoints that can give us that info.



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Our racing trax stopped working a little ways into the race at Parker this year. Were told we finished 16th, later found out we were 19th after they sorted out the times. Cool system but like everything else it's not infallible. Frustrating to have to pay for the setup when it doesn't work. Not bashing racing trax, it's worked flawlessly many other races.


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Parker 425 Lap Time Spreadsheet

I talked about this 5 years ago. The Dropbox link is dead but I still have the excel file somewhere. I’ve made them for pretty much every race I attend. My wife thinks I’m a nerd but it’s really not that hard.