Dirtbike track legal ?


This is a private track on family owned land in Riverside County CA. The property owner of the land we have our track on talked to his insurance agent and the insurance agent told him that he should not allow riding on his land due to the event that there could be an accident. He told him that a waiver or release of liability would not help because lawyers could find a way around that.

Property owner contacted his attorney about the matter and attorney agreed that to not allow riding was the only way to be "safe"

What has him concerned is the insurance companies. In the event of a horrible accident, the medical insurance would of course try to go after the owner of the property. Property owner has 1mil liability coverage and is willing to up the liability if it will help(along with a contract of some sort?) to keep us riding. He does not want us to stop, but he does want to cover his ass(ets)...

So my question is has anyone else had this issue? Any foolproof way to write a up a binding contract to absolve property owner of liability?