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disco ball ?


Our next skunkworks comes from a shop that may feature a disco ball but does NOT build any disco-trucks....



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Does that make it an "ANTI-DISCO BALL"?
Is it there to keep the DISCO out?
just wondering!!!

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It must look pretty cool in there with the lights off and the welder shining its sparks on the disco ball..Have they tried that yet?



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Have seen it done (welding in a disco ball) and its very cool. Tig gives the best effect though.

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Sheryl, you can name a shop by looking at a small section of the ceiling? Must be you have spent alot of time on your back in quite a few shops...............welding and grinding on a creeper I mean. lol

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ehhhhh...... junior!!!!!
that was funny.
Bet she is a good welder.
and she is a sweet heart..............

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Hey JUNIOR nice try! LOL. No I'm usually upright or in the office so unless I KNEW who's shop it was I couldn't have said that. Dude you gotta get out of private accounting and get outside sometime!!



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To funny Junior : ) I did not know she could weld? Now the real question: is the ball fully operational? Looks like we need to get some colored lights for them. How would you like to have your racer built under that thing!

Most of the people on this board would love for there vehicle to be built at this shop. The ball did have batteries in it and was working when we were there....


as promised a new skunks <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.race-dezert.com/skunkz/stewart/index.html>click here</A>.

Some of you may have guessed it already its Stewarts Racework's shop.
Stewarts Raceworks is located in Santee, CA and does some of the nicest work in the industry. During our visit to the shop we saw enough stuff to drop our jaws.

The disco ball of the ceiling is just a nice touch. Perhaps a reminder to keep quality up and NOT build or work on anything disco.

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The owner is Wayne Lugo, and Craig Stewart will be sharing driving duties with him.. Wayne owned the Stewarts Raceworks f-150 the 200k dream machine. Can you imagine one guy owning that prerunner and now the new Truggy.. Damn, what more could you want in life. :) Wait until you see this thing in person. Hopefully around Primm if not to race to be on display..

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