Disco Trucks of SD County


What A Joke
Ok there are just to many Disco Trucks in San Diego county so we just have to start a post with them! Feel free to add in any that you might see IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY ONLY and please, no one take any offence here. This is just for fun!

Here are a few to get started with, these were all taken within 5 minuets of each other!

Check out this F150 with the killer Chrome bumper thingy and of cource he needs the Super Swampers for all that muddin!

Also this killer paint job is great along with the HUGE body lift and big Chrome exaust tip that adds mass power!

Next we see this Nissan that has fenders so he must be using it for a desert truck right? Hes even got the backup light.

Wow he must really need those fenders for tires that big!

Go Big Or Go Home