Discovery Channel airs Somali Pirate Takedown


I saw this last night. It was pretty good and I figured some of you guys would wanna check it out...

The Discovery Channel is featuring a special, Somali Pirate Takedown, about the recent dramatic true story of the rescue or Captain Richard Phillips by the U.S. Navy SEAL.

The nation was riveted about the hostage situation that made headlines when In this image made available by the Ministry of Defence in London, Wednesday June 3, 2009, sailors and Royal Marines from the Royal Navy frigate HMS Portland, intercept and board one of two pirate vessel during counter-piracy operations in coordination with a Spanish martime patrol aircraft, in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia, Tuesday June 2, 2009.

The two pirate vessels which were found to be carrying extra barrels of fuels, grappling hooks, and a cache of weapons including rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and ammunition, were subsequently sunk by gunfire.(AP Photo,Alex Cave, Royal Navy, ho) Captain Phillips was kidnapped from his ship and held hostage for four days by dangerous Somali pirates. The special will air on the Discovery Channel, with an encore episode on the Military Channel.

The problem of piracy in the ocean waters off the African coast continues. The program will tell the story of the true life rescue and explore the problem of piracy. Somali pirates have kidnapped and murdered people that they held hostage for huge ransoms that cost millions of dollars to corporations and insurance companies.
Somali Pirate Takedown tells the untold story of the dramatic hostage situation on the Maersk Alabama of f the African coast. View exclusive Navy footage and witness the extraordinary measures taken to keep Captain Phillips alive. See how the elite Navy Seal pulled off three impossible shots to pout a sudden end to the modern day pirate standoff.
Somali Pirate Takedown will air on Discovery Channel on Sunday, June 21 at 10 pm ET. The show will also air on the Military Channel on Tuesday at 9 PM ET.


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I watched it also. Was a pretty good show and I think it could have been a 2 hour show easily and still been interesting. SEALs are badass.


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Those Navy Seals are pretty crazy people. I get to go work on there boats at the coronado base and sometimes they tell some of the things they do and all the stories they have are pretty crazy. They are in contries that we dont even know about. They have all the respect from me, they are the ones keeping us safe.


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I can't believe all three of them made that shot! Glad they are on our side!