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DMS 1st at Parker in 7OPEN


Krittro Campbell
Congratulations to Kevin Davis/DMS Racing for their win at Parker. You really showed those 7 open guys how to do it with a 7s. With a flat tire, broken leafs, and a distributor problem I thought we were doomed but it just goes to show that big travel doesnt always win races.

Sucks I couldn't stay for the celebration, but I had to get home and do school work.

Steve and Brooks thanks for the beer all over me, it was real nice explaining to the cop when I was going 95mph at 11PM.

Nick and Skyler, we were the ultimate pit. Good work guys.

To the old Sofa truck, I hope you guys got going again, sorry I couldnt help you out more with the wheel studs...splined interference-fit next time...cant fix a broken stud easily if its welded to the hub.

Jernigan, you were on a mission that last lap, but a day late and a dollar short. Your last pit stop (Midway) cost you 5 minutes for what seemed to be a tire change and splash of gas....fired.

Jimmy8, tell your crew at Midway thanks for taking us in at night and giving us full serve mexican food with the homemade tortillas and the mound of carne asada. Their fire was nice too considering we were racing well into the night and I think the 7 trucks were the only ones left on the course that late.

and last but not least, thanks to my girfriend Karleen for not bitching all day long about it being too dirty, cold, and not wanting to do the filming.

Kevin keep up the good work.

I'm out.


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Congrats to you guys on the victory. I will pass the word on to my guys. We got an unofficial second, but the official results show something different. Anyways, we crossed the line in second place. We ran top 3 all day long, and had a 6 minute lead on second place on lap 2 until we had a tire go at 130 mph on a graded road. made it even worse that our nitrogen bottle for the impact was empty and we had to change the flat with a star wrench. We made the down time all the way up again and got in the leaders dust, and threw a power steering belt on the third lap. oh well, congrats to greer in the dodge for a heads up race.

PMC Racing


im no the type to start conflicts but i think my whole team and i had a great day condsindering what all happend to us....breaking off all the wheel studs on the left rear tire 25 miles into the race, then getting lapped by davis, and finishing like 11 mins behind him for 2nd place.....i think we had a real good race...just wish we could of gone one more lap...a big thanks to Robby Gordon for bringing me the parts i needed.....and a big congrats to the whole davis team....


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kritter, that comment to jernigan makes kevin davis/dms's team look real professional ! your speaking for the whole team.i know jernigan's pit people don't need to take notes from a great pit person such as yourself. oh, by the way jernigan motorsports is the 2001 whiplash class 7 point champion. so i'd say there doin something right.it was a great race.


Krittro Campbell
I sense your sarcasm nobrakes but dont know why you said it. Jernigan's truck looked good out there. I even stated "Jernigan, you were on a mission that last lap" which was ME giving him props., NOT being a jerk. "A day late and a dollar short" well thats just racing...again, NOT talking trash. Interpret it how you may but he should have blown the doors off of our 7s truck, but he didn't. Yeah he had problems, but everybody had problems, hell, we had problems. I just think it's awesome that we showed up at the race at a big disadvatage, 7s in an open class and overcame our troubles throughout the race and took first place.

nobrakes, if you want to go back to the comment you wrote "oh, by the way jernigan motorsports is the 2001 whiplash class 7 point champion. so i'd say there doin something right" and then reference the whiplash end of year point schedule for 2001, you will see that there was only one 7 Pro up for points, so...you do the math.

Jason no hard feelings.


"A man with a watch knows what time it is; with two watches, he is never sure" Joseph E. Shigley