DNF Racing Conquers Ridgecrest!


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DNF Racing (Dan n Fish) had a great time at the MDR race this weekend.
First I would like to thank Gregg and Walt big time for helping us out so much!! We couldn't have done it with out you guys.

We started rear start off the line with Dan driving and me co-driver. By mile 7 or so we were out in the lead. We were having bad driveshaft vibrations so we radioed in to take our spare driveshaft to pit B. When we got to pit B we changed the driveshaft and within 5min were back on the track!
The rest of the lap went flawless and we just cruised to keep the truck together.
2nd Lap went without any problems.
I took over the drivers seat for the 3rd lap and Gregg got in as co-pilot. We cruised and finished the lap without any problems.
Dan got back in to drive the last lap with Mark as co-pilot and they had 0 problems and finished the lap for the win!
Carolyn Hines wasent to far behind us all day and she finished 2nd and Mark Growe came in 3rd.

Thanks to Goodyear for the tires they worked great and we had 0 flats all day on a VERY rough and rocky course!
Also thanks to Matt and Nicole and the rest of the Total Chaos crew for all the help at pit B.

See everyone in Lucerne!


Well, once again another fun time in the dezert with DNF racing. Weekend started off ruff but ended on a rather good note. Way to go Dan and Austin. Thanks for the ride Austin the track was way rough but i still had fun.

Winning of course
TT form the MAP
Helping JC to be the last official finisher
Tin Bender crew care of JC those guys were pretty funny

P.S. if anyone ever wants to go chase out to a pit in the peice dont be the third person in the truck
the cage will do a number on your head



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Congrats .Good to see you guys won.Its been to long.It fills good to win again .I drove 651.Its a 5-16 .I drove the first 4 laps and we won. Its been alittle while for me to win .Keep up the good work .See you in Lucerne.Thanks Dennis,11 Brothers


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Right on Dennis !!! you know your way to the winners circle well !! Also Congrats to the Toyota of HB team for their win in stock mini !!!

like Fish said our day was pretty uneventful . I finally listened and backed off the gas and cruised to victory . Other than my mistake with the driveshaft , the truck ran flawless . Nothing got damaged and we got the win . I hope this is something that will keep happening for us in the future .

Thanks to everyone that helped to make this possible .

Dan Vance


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Congrads on your finish and win. Thanks for stopping and seeing if you could help.( that would be Dan, I think fish just waved as he went bye)to bad you did not have a spare trailing arm.

Sorry to all the racers that had to take that shi??y road around me. It took a while to get it where it would roll. We tried to drag it off the course but it would not move. There was still part of the mountain that I hit under the car buried in the ground and still wedged in what was left of the trailing arm.

A friend of a friend was at the jump after S/F and took some video. I will see if I can get a copy and post some of it.

As far as a race report here it is.

1477 Pretty un-eventful day. She only stopped twice, Once at pit c to wash the window. there was just the right amount of rain and dust to make it where she could not see. The second stop was for fuel on lap 3. Other then those stops she ran clean all day. When she left the S/F to make here way back to our main pit (witch was at pit a) the local blm ranger pulled her over for " reckless offroad driving". You see she went into a sand wash and the wheel were spinning so she would not get stuck, but this did not make since to the BLM guy/ rocket scientist. So she got stuck and a $50 dollar fine.

111 well it started fine for us. At check 1 we were right behind the #141 car and waiting for a good place to pass when the #154 car caught us, he thought everyone was going to slow and nerfed us three times till we move over then he started hitting the #141 car when. He moved over for the #154 car Dennis when around him too. The #154 was done at mile 15-20. Then the # 141 and us swapped leads back and forth a few times, till the third lap when he had more down time then us. I got in on the end of lap 4 and got to the 12 mile mark and made a very bad move to change groves and hit a pretty large boulder that ripped the right rear trailing arm off the car. Then leaving me stuck in the preferred lane. end of the day.

lap 2 at pit A stop to check steering all checked ok,but car was hard to steer,
lap 2 flat at pit B,
lap 2 flat at pit C,
lap 3 stop at pit A for fuel and bolts in floor pan,
lap 4 stop in pit A for more bolts and fix front left limit strap.
lap 5 stop at pit A for driver change and fuel.
Mile maker 12 came to a rapid stop to end day.


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Congrats to you also Dennis for the 5/1600 win!

Frank, you were not at mile 12 when I passed it at least I didnt see you. I found out when I was at mile 28 and JC told me over the radio to radio in to our main pit that you were down at 12 but Driver and Co-Driver were ok. So I told main where you were and then Dan stopped to check it out on his lap. Mark was in the truck with him then.

Good day of racing and sorry we didnt stick around Frank after the race but our whole camp was sick because I am such a nice giving guy I gave them all the flu lol......


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Andrews Racing had a great weekend. We have not ran all year and ran this race for fun and some testing. We invited a rock crawling club "The Tin Benders" to this race. We gave everyone a ride that wanted one. I have never used 2 co-driver sign up sheets before LOL. We ran the race casual to make sure everyone got a ride. I was able to learn a lot about my truck on this race (still new at driving it). I drove the whole race but we put a new rider in every lap costing us 10-15 mins every lap in the pits. We had to stop on lap 5 and change out shackle bushings on the pass side (thanks Frank and all the guys/gals at the Motion Tire Pit at pit A) and we had to stop to fix the shifter linkage but other than that we just kept going. No flats at all on some old BFG's. That is simply amazing to me. It was a great fun weekend and by the times I think we could have been right in the thick of things. Good times!!!

Thanks to the Tin Benders, Team DNF, Steve and Gabe from Team THB, Team Dalton for the help with the linkage, Frank Hines and the Motion Tire Team for all their help, Khris, Lance and Nate for helping me get to the race and all the guys and gals that helped at the race.