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does class 14 have wheel travel limit

I was reading in the new off road mag. and they were describing the rules for class 14 I thought it was run what ever as long as its has certain saftey precautions, but they said your limited to 18" of travel and one shock per wheel? If this is true then how does Dan Vance partcipate in it, I know he has more than 18" front and rear....some one shine some light on the subject
Good question I too wondered but never got a chance to post. Maybe those are the rules for the new 1450 class, not the pro class that Dan runs. Someone let us know.. Thanks


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It is my understanding that for class 1400 or 1450 the only rules are you must meet the safety requirements and it must be street legal (Have plates and be currently registered).



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They have never checked anything but Reg and safety stuff (cell, amber, first aid, helmet and secondary door latches) on my wife’s truck


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The only rules are safety (per SCORE) and a registration. Any thing goes in 1400 or 1450. Remember to only belive about 1/2 of what you read.



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Yes the only rules for 1400 and 1450 are the safety rules and the current regi . Other than that it is wide open . Run what you brung kind of thing . Bye the way , with all the questions lately about class 1400 , does this mean I may have some new competition ?? Remember , the night race is at the end of next month . I wish everyone with a killer prerunner ( or even a race truck with plates ) would enter !! See you at the races .

Dan Vance ( King of the DNFs )


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On your vehicle, even though you have 19" to 25" of wheel travel, can you run limiting straps to get under the wheel travel specs????? Just wondering???


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yes you can use straps to limit the travel. my buddy Ari bought the old duralast truck which went from class 8 to TT after some shock mounting changes. he limited it back up with shorter straps and is currently racing class 8 again.


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As I stated in my earlier post . Class 1400 has no wheel travel limits . You can run whatever you want as long as it has the safety stuff and current registration .

Dan Vance