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Donahoe Racing Website


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Does anyone know when the Donahoe site will be up? Just curious to see the new products they have...I heard they were making a long travel setup for the tacomas? any word on that?

thanks guys



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Very soon... before the off-road Expo in october.... we are doing some crazy stuff with the website so its taking a long time to get it back up... but once its up it will be pretty zoomy... As far as the Tacoma Long travel kit goes.. You will be waiting a while... We are looking into the possibility of casting new spindles... TIME CONSUMING!!! If you want something soon for your tacoma look at the Camburg Long travel kit... By far the best one on the Market as of right now.



- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Kreg, do you guys have any plans to do an F150 LONG TRAVEL KIT (97-UP). Just curious...Thanks