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Donahoe Radius Arms


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What does everyone think about Donahoe Radius arms, in comparison to Camburg? Better, worse, about the same?


Krittro Campbell
bad question to ask. It will start a huge trash talking session that we don't want on RDC. IF people have comments email him directly.


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he only wants individuals opinions so i think its ok
if you talk to a manufacturer directly they will give you their opinions to sell you their product

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Kritter thank you, I felt the same way but vwguy has a good point, at this time we discourage shock wars, if we discouraged comments on everything what good would a shop section be.. This is the best way to get unbiased opinions well and some biased. I actually did this exact comparision last week for my new project bronco, I went to both Camburg and Donahoe. They both make a very nice product. Donahoe is a little bit higher but his arms come with a transmission crossmember, so that is the difference in price. I dont think you could go wrong with either product.. I could not decide on whos to run. It will come down to who is going to build the rest of the truck. I want to just drop it off and pick it up all done with the bypass shocks air bumps, deavers all mounted up. I will feature the build up here on RDC and the reasons for my choices and very good pics in the case people are thinking about doing something similar..


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Also you should note that camburg beams come powdercoated with an 1 1/4 heim compared to donahoe which are uncoated with a 7/8 heim. I personally would go with donahoe beams, you can get more travel and they look a little more beefy, but I would have the heims upgraded to 1 1/4 for strength and them powdercoat them. But on the other hand if your on a budget the camburg arms are nice. Also there are other shops out there who have nice arms S.I. , Baja shop ect. Its best to check all the shops you can you might find yourself changing your mind a couple times before you get them.



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I have to agree with Kritter, it will turn into a huge grudge match, and thats a big mistake..... So if you want opinions I would find it better to ask through via- E-mail, or to shop around yourself.


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You Guys are on the right track.. I would Love to tell you that are Arms are the best...But if you walked into my shop I would'nt give you the hard sell. I would tell you just what I told John Bitting yesterday and what you are all saying today. Go see whats out there. Talk to Jerry at Camburg...Talk to A.J. ...at Baja shop...Or Tom at SI... Then you make your choice... It all goes down to who you trust as a fabricator. Just be a good consumer and research the shop. Who is putting the arms together?? What matirial do they use. How much experiance do they have?? Pick there brains.... Good luck..



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Thanks for the responses, everyone. I definitely didn't intend to start a grudge match here. I'm sure each shop's arms have their benefits..... I would normally just research it on my own, but the Donahoe site isn't up right now & I thought this would be an easy way to gather some info. Thanks again.


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It's all about different strokes for different folks. I think lots of people in here don't want to pick one fab shop over another, because their all pretty good. The question you have to ask yourself is like kreg said is who do you trust, and of course price. Good Luck