Dont forget to prep the chase trucks!!!


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Weeks and sometimes months are put into prepping a race car for a long race like the baja 1000. But don't forget about those chase trucks!!! Bring in your chase truck to Norco Tires and get these special prices below.

Gas motor oil change and filter $20.00
Diesel motor oil change and filter $65.00
Rotations free (Unless tire dismounting is involved $10.00 per tire)
Bead lock tire mount $20.00 (Includes bolting on ring)
Transmission flush $119.99-$139.99
Differential service $69.99
Radiator flush $69.99
Power steering flush $79.99
Batterie service $16.99

And 10% off any service not listed above.

I'm sure you can do it your self but remember this. Its easier to watch someone else do it, and when you do it yourself it doesn't come with a warranty.