Doubling up the adjusters


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Does anybody know why pretty much all off road promotors require adding a second set of adjuster buckles to the harnesses? Seems to me that my belts are SFI rated just the way they come in the box. In addition to having to buy the extra buckles, they take up valuable room inside what is usually a pretty tight cockpit and wind up hitting the seat itself.


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I've never heard of doubling the adjusters. Doubling the "slider bar" on the shoulder harnesses has always been the norm.


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I have had many a heated "conversation" with tech guys about what a D ring is....

In the last couple of seasons a single "double D" with the excess webbing pulled through a 3rd time has been OK with BITD.... good thing too since it is FIA legal as well

jon coleman

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me, i ditched all that and just used i bolts, seat belt style, and sewn up belts to clip ins, only ' safty thing is small cotter pin thru quik realese clip.used to prep and double up post mud coverd baja ml belts in tight spot, no bueno