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It is with great sadness I tell the off road community of the passing of Doug Maxwell. Doug is the root, or seed for many of us who have raced over the years and is the reason my brother Jeff and I have enjoyed this sport for well over three decades. Over the years, many cars have ran over the podium with a Maxwell Racing Engine perched in the engine bay, thousands of miles I have raced with Doug next to me and countless races he has supported our efforts from the pits. This is a huge blow to the family because Cousin Doug was a great Man, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Cousin, Race Buddy, Ski Instructor, Friend, and motor builder.
“Well you know” “What you ought to do” and “You guys” Keep Doug and his family in your thoughts.
(Inside joke)

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harleys dad

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really sad to hear this, we were talking with Bobby Mcall at the More race and he told us he was sick. I didnt realize he was this sick I am sorry to say. My respects to the Maxwell family


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One of his motors was screaming at the more race last weekend taking home a 3rd place in 1600. Always sucks losing someone from the offroad family. God speed Doug!


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Man, this sucks. Great guy who happened to build badass motors! Thoughts and prayers to Ian and the rest of the family.


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We were shocked to hear the news yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Maxwell family and his friends. Ill bet he's enjoying a Tecate Titanium right now...



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Well I was shocked to hear about the passing of Doug. I knew what he was going through but figured he’s Doug, he can fix anything. It was very sad news to hear and I write this with a heavy heart and tears.

Years ago I bought a class 9 car from Perry or Pee Wee as he is known here on RDC. I had a lot of seat time, but had little knowledge of putting together a race program. I had a great car and a dream to one day become competitive. My first race in the class 9 car was a great learning experience. I had to check my tire pressure at the Barstow AM/PM “Air and Water” station and make the best of my limited tool selection. Although I ran out of gas pulling into main pit, I was able to continue and finish the race. The next day I emailed Perry and asked if he thought any of his nephews would be interested in racing together. He replied and said yeah I think one of them would be interested. That is when I met Ian and Doug Maxwell.

Over the years Ian and I raced together and were very successful in class 9, and the Maxwell’s became my second family. We won a lot of races together and Doug was there for all of them. A lot of people thought we just had a fast car but in reality the secret to our success was really Doug. He was always there helping us with the car and developing our race strategy. No matter what was going on, Doug was there fixing it and cheering us on. Even during a photo shoot, Doug was there working harder than us! He will be forever missed and I will be forever grateful to have spent a lot of time with him in the desert. He was a great man!

My Thoughts and prayers go out to Judie, Ian and their entire family. Love you guys!


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Still in a little bit of shock. Can’t get close to putting into words what he meant to me, my family, and his extended off road family. Hopefully I’ll have something better to say in a few weeks.

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Doug was a great man and built one of the best VW motors. He will be greatly missed.

My thoughts go out to the Maxwell family. I'm truly sorry for your loss.

RIP Doug.

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RIP Doug. Man this year the off road heaven is receiving some great racers. He is definitely one of them. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family.


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I started racing in 1984 at the Mint 400 with Doug Maxwell and Jeff Coan in a class 10 car of their own along with Perry Coan and I in another 10 car. We all were in our early 20s and full of courage. All 4 of us racing in 2 cars was a life changing experience.
From that point on Doug being the brightest one of the bunch I was drawn to what I could learn from rebuilding the engine and trans. Doug’s diligence at the races in the years that followed was always something to admire, I can remember one race Doug couldn’t make but we raced a new 2/1600 anyway, what learning curve that was, we had engine trouble after just the first lap we continued another 3or 4 laps with a sick engine before we decided to trailer the car. We headed straight to Roadhause in Montclair where Doug worked, he started the engine, ran it for a few seconds shut it off and pulled off the air filter and his engine ran as perfect as when he gave it to us to install, the clogged air filter would be upgraded after that.
Growing up with the Coan’s, cousin Doug has taught me a bunch the last 35 years as I’m sure he has done the same for you.
His memorial was last weekend and I will say was very overwhelming to me. He touched so many peoples lives.
Thanks for the memories and “the big shoes”

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Thanks to everyone who showed up Saturday. It was a pretty good gig, and some great tales were exchanged.

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Thank you to everyone that showed up last Saturday for my Pops’ celebration of life. We wore his race shirts, ate good food, drank lots of beer, and reminisced in all the awesome memories we had with him. To see the 250 or so people who attended while we tried to say some good words about him was incredible. He was a great man and it definitely showed in the attendance. Thank you again to Perry for hosting and making some awesome food, and thank you again to everyone who showed. The whole family appreciates it.

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