dp now on DVD !!!


Dear dp fan,

The most exciting desert racing video to date is now available on DVD !

After almost one year of its release we decided its time to step things up and release dezertpeople on DVD. Prices of DVD players have dropped during the past 12 month where they almost replaced the VCR player. We are able to retain the same suggested retail price of $24.95 per copy.

The dp DVD release includes 20 more minutes of never before seen desert racing footage as a bonus. Picture and audio quality are superior compared to the VHS version. It's a must have for the die hard action sports video collector.

The DVD will be first available during the Costa Mesa Sand Sports Show next weekend (September 20th-22nd), then the Pomona Off Road Expo (October 5th-6th) at the dp booth. Shipping of online and mail orders will start September 24th and our dealers should have DVD's shortly after.

To learn more about the DVD release of "dezertpeople - the Movie" visit <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.dezertpeople.com>dezertpeople.com</A>

International Viewers (other the northern America) note that the DVD is recorded in the NTSC video standard without any regional restrictions. Check your DVD players manual for compability.