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dp & stuck throttle videos


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i never need to leave my couch again...i got both videos at the expo today, went straight in the vcr when i got home. both are great, curtis and victor. i won't be leaving my living room for a while, i think....


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Wish we could have gotten the Stuck Throttle video...Victor where were you???????????

The Dezert People video is awesome. What a great job you guys did! We were both very impressed with the video and are really happy and proud to have been a part of it!

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i bought my copy of stuck throttle on the tram back to the parking lot. i think i bought it from victor himself, but i'm not sure. he had a backpack full of 'em, and said that they had trouble getting a booth cuz it sold out so fast....
yeah, that was me......
We where just kind of wandering around checking out all the cool stuff and had some videos with us "just in case". It has been a very long 2 months for us, we just have our fingers crossed that things get sorted out and we can get this video out to you cool people.

victor fabian


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can i make a suggestion, as far as selling some videos? go to the next IP meeting with 'em, and i bet you sell out. it's a great video.

there was footage of a toyota truck that rolled, but ended up right side up on the side of a large hill. apparently, it wasn't driveable, and the drivers/people helping let it roll down the hill after trying to push it a bit. who/where was that? and did it roll along to a stop, or what....HOW DID IT END?????? :)


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I am glad to here the video rocks. I sent my money to you (Victor) this last week from CO. Looking forward to getting it!

Youre just gonna have to buy part 2 to find out....jk
This was at barstow at some mdr race. I believe it was earlier this year. the truck ended up just coming to a stop when the downhill ended, they thought they would need major repairs before even looking at the truck so they got on a cell phone and called their chase crew. after the call they walked over to the truck and much to (their) amazament, it fired right up. nothing seemed to be damaged, so they just strapped on and kept racing. Their chase crew showed up less than 5 minutes after they had left. I saw them do a couple more laps although a bit slower through the downhill. As far as to who they where i have no idea.

so when's the next IP meeting?


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Great job on the DP video,
My brother & I watched it twice when we got home,
Who is the poor guy in the sand car? he endod & waded it
up pretty good!
The Jeffries truck looks awesome (at the show & on the video!)
also great footage on the Herbst guys

Victor, if you are at the next MDR race i will have to look you up
to buy your video



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That poor guy in the sand car is Jesse from the Baja Shop. I believe that very same car was the one at the outside exhibit. Don't have many details on it but the story was told to us at a FAIR meeting if I recall.

John Bitting

Rumor I heard about that car is the owner picked it up the day or so before the shoot and it was the first time out and he paid around $45-$50k for it. Bajashop built it..


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The owner was out there part of the weekend. I forget his name but he's a red-headed guy and yeah, Baja Shop built it TWICE (it looked to be good as new). Victor we definitely want the new video!!! The last one gets played a lot at our house. You (and anyone else) are more than welcome to come out to our next meeting or any meeting you like. I'll post the info over on our private board.

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It is actually two different cars that you are talking about . The car that got wrecked in the video was the car The Baja Shop had at the expo last year . The owner took the car home to Utah after it was tested in Glamis . It was the first trip out after he got it home . After it was wrecked , he couldn't even get it out of the dunes for a few days . He had to go home and get a truck big enough to drag it out . The car that was at the expo this year was his new car that he had built also by the Baja Shop . His first car wasn't repairable . However the car did prevent him and his passenger from being hurt . That says alot about the car considering it did land upside down going backwards at about 65 mph from 30 - 40 feet up . Since everyone was ok , I guess it did make a very entertaining video also . You should see the complete video of the car and crash that was taken though . WILD !!!!

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Victor, you should have talked someone with a booth into letting you sell videos out of it. I had the cash in my pocket for your videos and the DP video. I got the DP video but could not find you. I ended up spending the money on useless crap that I didn't need but wanted anyway and pretty much blew my budget for the next couple of years with my wish list. The good thing is I had my wife with me so now I can't wait for b-days and Christmas! I was glad I could finally meet some people and finally put a face to the name (Klaus and Kreg...ect) and we got to talk with people we have met recently (Doug and Kevin...ect). I did not go to the expo last year and was blown away by how big and crowded it was.

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I also bought a copy of the SNORE Thrillseekers video at the expo. Its is also awesome and it was very well done with a good soundtrack. check it out, I got mine from Luke Lott.