dp2 and Rally ?


Rys Millen maybe at dp premier with Rally Car....

dp2 has a Rally segment with helicopter and onboard camera shots....



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If you are refering to the silver Sub that showed up for a short while outside. That was my friend Marvin.

But hay check out the guy in the trees with the red mask on(in the previous picture). Kinda Creepy looks like some kind of stalker.


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lol man that IS freaky lookin

Curtis Guise

So what did everyone think of us putting in a Rally section in DP2? From what I have heard so far people liked it. Most of the footage was prvided by Ray at the American Rally Assoc. and it sounds like we can use more from this year for the next one if we want.


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One of the largest Rally's takes place in the Desert, so it could fit in to " Dezert People III ". It is a big player in the motorsports world also. If they were to be included into the video, they inturn would purchase it and see what we do when we go racing.