DP7 preveiw party at hooters in Fresno


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Hey all central valley off roaders.

BFD Racing, Farris Motorsports and Stripperpole.com are hosting the DP7 preveiw party at Hooters in Fresno Thursday, Oct 8 at 7pm. We will have a Trophylite and Pro 2 on display. Come out and support our sport. We will have Hooters girls there to serve us and have the movie on all monitors. Let's take over and make sure this event is a huge success so we can host all future DP movies here in Fresno.

Hooters is at 7735 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93720
any info needed give me a call 408-799-5045
Please let us know if you will be coming


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I'd love to go. I grew up in the central valley and my parents still live there. But I'm headed the opposite direction that weekend... bummer.

Thanks for the invite!


Great! Fresno gets to have theirs at Hooters and we get to have ours in a hot go kart location? :)