Drag Race Tickets this Sunday


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Aug 9, 2007
RDC Crypto
San Diego, CA
yell at me all you want if this is in the wrong folder, but intended for the Short Course family out there:

I have two GREAT tickets for the 50th Winter Nationals at Pomona.
Aisle 4, Row 9, Seat 13 & 14

I have had these seats for seven years and cannot go this time.
Remember this is Valentines day this Sunday........

These are free to a good home, and if I give them to you, you better use them.
All my buddies will be sitting around you, so I will know.......:D

I am in San Diego, and first come, first serve.
PM me and don't let these go to waste.
BTW, I really like Thin Mints and can be tipped one way if there is a decision to be made.

Bring ear plugs and a gas mask if you are a Rookie!!
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