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On Topic Drag Racing Legend Tom "Mongoose" McEwen has died...

Chris Tobin

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Very sad to hear that drag racing LEGEND Tom "Mongoose" McEwen died on June 10th, he was 81.

I remember wanting to be "Mongoose" when I was a kid and playing with the "Snake and "Mongoose" Hot Wheels cars and play sets!!!! Technically I worked with him as he was the Motorsports Director at Engaged Media who publishes Diesel World and Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide, but I never had the chance to meet him in person.

Legendary Drag Racer Tom McEwen, 81 | SPEED SPORT

What are some of your memories of him?


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I was born in 1960 and grew up on matchbox and hot wheels diecast! The snake/mongoose set with the parachutes were the bomb!

Still have my Matchbox Mustang that I got for Christmas in 1968! I took it with me to college, lost my collection to a fire at my parents.

Tom was truly one of the greats on the drag strip!

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First drag race I ever went to was at the Carlsbad raceway in 1982 and watched Tom McEwen race his Coors Corvette. Took the time to talk to his fans and sign autographs for anyone who wanted one. He was an icon and the drag racing community has suffered a huge loss.