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Who is Cameron Steele??

Dave Cole 4454

We make the Live Show for you guys...zero drama...

TV is where we mine for new fans...Internet based content it to service our core.

At least thats our model.

Its extremely difficult to make financial sense of doing TV anymore.

Dave Cole 4454

Holy poop...someone find me Dave Despains contact info. I dont care if I need to sell a kidney...I want him on our live show at KOH. And of course, Cameron :)

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Hey guys, I spoke with my buddy Dave Despain a couple of weeks ago. Of course my hope and invitation was to get Dave to come and broadcast Labor Day's 50th anniversary Crandon World Championships over Labor Day weekend. He was as kind as always, but respectfully declined due to health issues with his wife and also some challenges he is having as well. Much respect to all of the hosts working in the off-road space, but there was nobody better to work with or watch than Dave Despain. We is a one-take wonder and just so damn good.

So glad he DID come down with us to the 2012 NORRA race and get to ride with Bob Gordon in Robby's Dakar machine. Great times.
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Yeah totally understand that it's two different formats and intents. I'm sure both will resonate well, I just tend to lean more towards the informal nature of the Fish type set up. For example, Andy was way more entertaining with PAB on the malecon after San Felipe on a casual cell phone hook up then he was via Skype on the Dirt Center program. My opinion. I prefer the casual dialogue I guess.
Pab can self produce like no other. I agree, for me the stuff I enjoy the most is the free form stuff too.

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What makes guys like Despain, and Cameron true professionals is their depths of knowledge, passion and rhythm. Rookie commentators tend to talk like someone is chasing them. They sound nervous, sometimes hard to understand and so they end up using a lot of “filler” words. Unless you are commentating a pass for the lead or the final lap, you need to just settle into a pace and be calm!


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I don't think anyone understands what it takes to do television or live radio for that matter... I'm not talking internet, I mean broadcast. Holy Crap is there a lot going on. I think I'm close to 50 TV shows in the bag now and 400 live radio shows, and every single one I learn something new. Dealing with hard breaks, producers talking in your ear as you are talking, avoiding many taboo words we use in normal conversation, plus content requirements and drops, all while trying to make an engaging show.... It's a lot to do competently. Hats off to guys like Cameron, Dave, Tes, Bob Bower, Ken Stout, Ricky Johnson, etc. It's easy to arm chair quarterback, but you have no idea what it's like to have the ball in your hand and thousands of eyes/ears watching. RESPECT to anyone who gets a callback after one show.


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Holy ****...someone find me Dave Despains contact info. I dont care if I need to sell a kidney...I want him on our live show at KOH. And of course, Cameron :)
Talk to Marty Fiolka. That dude as everyones phone number. EDIT: I see he has already commented.

I got to breath on Despain [ and told em he rocks! ] when he came to the Off Road Expo party for the Baja Social club shin dig. Fiolka gently pushed me away and rescued Despain from me and the other ruffians.


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Holy ****...someone find me Dave Despains contact info. I dont care if I need to sell a kidney...I want him on our live show at KOH. And of course, Cameron :)
I met him after the 40 Yrs of Glory Baja 1000 at Long Beach Center for Performing Arts

Baja 1000: 40 Years to Glory parade preview

afterwards as everyone was walking out to the "pond". I gave him my business-card, I don't believe he gave me one. I STILL remember the meeting, he is a Racing Media icon.

My pic of him at the event (blurry hand-held shot, point&shoot camera):

40 Years to Glory: Dave Despain

I always did like his weekly ESPN summaries, which mentioned Offroad Racing..this was back in late 80's, early-to-mid 90's. He will always be a part of the Offroad Racing inner-circle:

"The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight" (getting BEAT by a bunch of geeky CRACKPOT extreme-Environmentalists, the ugly stepchild of Motorsports, Dust Junkies, Dirt Dummies, & every other politically-incorrect innuendo

(example) "I blew my T-r-a-n-n-y" -- anti-LGBTQ sentiments
see (mega-popular, ask Mikey Childress about this..LOL) Dave Caspino's PERSISTENT FB posts on "T-r-a-n-n-i-e-s"..GEEZES! Leave it alone Mr "I'm insecure about my D***K-size, esp with T-r-a-n-n-i-e-s with bigger D***K than mine!!"..COME ON!! See pic, that's Chanel Santini (21 yr old she-male award winningPorn Star, Best Performer of the Year), her Twitter Feed shows her D***K flying-all-over-the-place!! Sensational!!

She's rolling in dough, drives a bought-new orange Ford Mustang

[ just bought a Jeep JL Sahara..yes, she's into Offroad! Potential KOTH entrant/finisher, could be a threat to win..LOL. Dave Cole is gonna be "all over this", gonna issue a KOTH Challenge:

"1st T-r-a-n-n-y to finish the Hammers", without "blowing a t-r-a-n-n-y" "

I have an ongoing "Women in Racing" Motorsports project, which is "transitioning" (LOL) into a "T-r-a-n-n-y in Racing" Motorsports project. There are some Transgirls with strong background in Automotive (Drag Racing, NASCAR, sportscars, etc) who look SENSATIONAL (Playboy model looks) -- they could arguably BEAT a Tier 1 male racer ]

, moving to LA to build her brand

[ ala 21 yr old self-made BILLIONAIRE Kylie Jenner, daughter of t-r-a-n-n-y Caitlyn Jenner, who is a Auto Racing enthusiast, once pit reporter for Indycar, drives a purple Porsche 911. Client of Robby Gordon, was trailering home a Polaris in "his" Suburban, when he had a head-on with a woman (killed)..GOT SUED! ]

I went to the above, armed with all my media-gear, incl Sony 4500 prosumer HD video-camera

JUMPLIVE - Real Time Photo-Video Updates/'07 40 Years to Glory

But, got shut down by "legendary" Marty Fiolka who was sensitive about media-rights (someone XXX had some sort of an "exclusive"??). I assume he has the whole ceremony (incl Dave Despain's speech) on video archived, ready to post?? Couldn't find anything on the Web..kinda sucks!

I was reduced to taking pics (in low light) from my hand-held point-and-shoot (some are fuzzy due to vibration)

JUMPLIVE - Real Time Photo-Video Updates/'07 40 Years to Glory

LOTS of interesting content there -- Mark Mcmillin, Scott Mcmillin, Robby Gordon, Bilstein Head, Sal Fish, Mouse McCoy, Parnell Jones, Walker Evans, Frank DeAngelo, Jesse James, Cameron Steele, Heidi Steele

[ great outfit, what a hottie/sweetie..Cameron has excellent taste, winner in the Game of Love. Ruminations of putting-a-move on her, planning something -- possibly taking away his Old Lady..haha! (<-- "Tongue FIRMLY in cheek", yes I'm a Pistol Pete type of a ham/prankster/practical-joker!!) Truthfully, is she a Goddess or what!! ]

Becky Freeman (sweet!), Clark Campbell/VW, Cal Wells/PPI, Crossover Heroes (Indycar)

[ Boris Said, Mike & Robby Groff, Peter Brock, Danny Sullivan, Roberto Guerrero ]

Innovation Heroes

[ Jim Julson, Danny Porter (BTW, where is he now??), Bill Savage, ? ]

Frank "Scoop" Vessels, Danny Thompson, Motorcycle honorees

40 Years to Glory: Motorcycle honorees

[ Bruce Ogilvie, L Roeseler, et al ]

Media honorees

[ naturally I was left out..feel INSULTED! Esp, being shutdown..I could have been posting an iTunes video in HD. Typical backstabbing in Offroad, it's an OBN (Old Boy Network)..an inner-circle

"It's a Club -- and YOU AIN'T IN IT!!"
-- George Carlin, rant against US Govt VS citizens (slaves) ]

Photography honorees, Dave Ekins

[ brother of famed Bud Ekins, good friend w/racer Steve McQueen, who did the moot-action (jumping the barbed wire) in the movie "The Great Escape" ]

Check the old ABC "The Wide World of Sports" broadcasts of the Baja 1000 (I only have screen grabs) -- WOW..classic! Again, since I got SHUTDOWN (wasn't allow to film in HD), we aren't able to see it on iTunes..sucks!!

The next "twist" in Offroad Racing media, is the injection of the PERSISTENT "I Blew a T-r-a-n-n-y" paradigm -- GET some trans-girls into the Sport.

See pic, that's Christina Farran (San Jose/CA, Silicon Valley), family is wealthy, she's a Lease/Buy specialist in Euro Luxury cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover) who collects Mercedes. She just got a new Mercedes from Ontario/CA (SoCal) dealership. She wears pricey Designer clothes, purses, etc. There's a video of her driving a stick-shift Porsche, it shows her "hand on the stick" shifting

[ insert sexist joke..female hand on stick shift (hand job) ]

See other pics, there is an ex-cop Officer O'Brien (who has TONS of experience driving a squad car FAST) who is now a hot-blonde..WHEW -- sensational!!

Officer Joe B. O'Brien said
"I got time that felt so confused because I could not come out as a woman when I was on duty. My mother Kathy told me my father would stand for me whatever it lies in my mind. He first speak out 'my daughter Josephine' at a dinner with my two brothers. I feel so relieved. He also let me to change my last name to Beck, and started my new life with my sweet and kind boyfriend Jose."
Plus, an ex-soldier who is a MAJOR babe..at the level of Heidi Steele. I say, another twist -- get the trans-girl BOMBS with genetic-girl co-drivers ("settle them down", their experience) like Heidi Steele, Becki Freeman, Sarah Price (just took 2nd at SF250 in Trophy Truck Spec), Blair Tyndall (Class 1, 2nd at SF 250 )

I can see it now: T-r-a-n-n-y "bomb girls" take 1st in Trophy Truck (or Trophy Truck Spec), with genetic-girl co-drivers Heidi Steele, Becki Freeman, Blair Tyndall. Latter are REALLY progressive liberal ("libtard") COOL, they support their t-r-a-n-n-y drivers:

"They may have bigger tits than me, but I'm a REAL GIRL (can conceive)"

^^^ Of course, this gets the GOAD of Extremist Environmentalists (who HATE off roaders)..whose libtard ideology (foolishly) EMBRACES the LGBTQ movement in a radical-sense:

Let's populate American workforce with every freakin' QUEER out there!!

They're gonna say:

"OMG, those freakin' Offroad rednecks are doing what WE SHOULD BE DOING!! They "beat us to the punch" with the CRACKPOT "Women in Racing" paradigm!"

That Danica Patrick "novelty" in Indycar was a TOTAL FAILURE, she got BOOED OUT of Indy 500 after "throwing her team under the bus" (Andretti Autosport)!! She never could "setup a car" (good guy, leader Tony Kanaan was babysitting her & Marco Andretti at AA), she simply isn't that good (mid packer), KNEW THIS, got frustrated, has a ROTTEN PERSONALITY (angry/frustrated..I have personal experience with this), her Sponsors HATE her (not known by Public, they only have her as a Marketing gimmick..eyeballs for their logo to make Coin/$$). And, she HATES them..but she's "laughing all the way to the bank" (as are her Sponsors, they BOTH make Coin/$$ off the "Women in Racing" gimmick)

She went on to NASCAR, & further her EMBARRASSMENT!! She had good equipment (as in Indycar), but didn't DO ANYTHING!! She tried to play hardball (payback another driver by spinning him out), but ended up SPINNING HERSELF OUT!! WHAT AN IDIOT..gives argument to the sexist insult "Woman Driver". Her perception in NASCAR is best described by Richard Petty:

"Danica Patric would only win a race, if NOBODY SHOWED UP"

^^^^ HAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love the good-old-boy sense of humor, Richard Petty is the MAN!!

She finally retired..GOOD RIDDANCE! However, the ornery B****H is back, as NBC commentator for this years NBCTV Indy 500!!! Yes, ABC TV (who did all the classic Indy 500 broadcasts & "The Wide World of Sports" Baja 1000 broadcasts) FINALLY booted Indy 500 from its portfolio .. declining TV ratings, still feeling the DEVASTATING EFFECTS of the CART/IRL split from the mid 90's

[ idiot-grandson BLEW UP the high-flying Indycar, on par with Formula 1 back in the early/mid 90's. It was Mike Kranefuss (head of Ford/SVO "Special Vehicle Operations" -- managed all of Ford's Racing programs, incl Formula 1). He hand-picked Robby Gordon (spotted his Juan Pablo Montoya type of natural talent) from Offroad Racing, to be Indycar's next star. AJ Foyt Racing picked up Robby for his inaugural foray into Indycar in 1993, the black Copenhagen sponsored Ford Cosworth entry. I was at the '93 Long Beach GP at AJ Foyt pit, when Mike Kranefuss buzzed in on a motor-scooter. Robby ambled in with his Swedish girl friend (former Racing trophy girl). A crew-member filled me in, he pointed to a Ford Cosworth engineer (young guy) & said "that guy makes GOOD $$ at Cosworth [ in Torrance ]"

Nigel Mansell just won '92 F1 World Championship (Williams F1), & he/wife got SICK of F1 politics (Lotsa $$ brings manipulation & S***T politics). So, he switched over to Indycar with Newman-Haas -- Michael & Mario Andretti as teammates. Craig Hampson (U of Maryland BS Mechanical Engineering, who I know) was a long-time N-H engineer, who later was Chief engineer for Michael Andretti & Sebastien Bourdais (3 straight Champcar titles..Champcar was the bankrupt CART re-booted). It was Craig Hampson who spotted the "Aviation Week & Space Technology" article by Dr Mike Selig

[ wind-tunnel aerodynamicist, Aerospace Engineering Prof at U of Illinois (hired by my Dad, who was Research Prof & Dept Head..his specialty was CFD "Computational Fluid Dynamics" aka "Wind Tunnel on a Computer). U of Illinois is 2nd ranked Engineering Program (as a whole) tied w/Stanford, MIT at #1. My Dad's CFD mentor was Dr Bruce Hicks (Caltech PhD, advisor was 2-time Nobelist Dr Linus Pauling -- Chemistry & Peace, the guy was a GIANT in the field of Chemistry..Google him), who founded CFD at U of Illinois (with G. Nordsieck..who later ended up at Ford). My Dad took over when Dr Hicks retired to Dept of Education (CAI "Computer Assisted Instruction"), & continued on the work using ILLIAC Supercomputers (U of Illinois is a world-class leader in this area). He was also involved in Nuclear Submarine hull-design, funded by ONR "Office of Naval Research". I already mentioned my Dad was involved with design of Mcdonnell-Douglas F4 Phantom (iconic fighter-bomber in Vietnam conflict) headquartered in St Louis/Missouri (where I was born). The Mcmillin's roots are in Missouri (Midwest) -- Midwesterners are HIGHLY SOUGHT after by college recruiters, for their work-ethic. If you're wondering how/why Corky Mcmillin (from Missouri accomplished what he did, passing along the same values/ethics to his sons Mark/Scott, who in turn passed them along to their kids -- NOW YOU KNOW!!

I will also point out that Larry Roeseler is from Minnesota (U of Minnesota is part of the Big 10 conference, now B1G), so I'm pretty sure his success is traced to Old School ethics of Midwest. ]

& got him a 6 race consult for N-H:

3 wins for Michael Andretti

which illustrates the Magic of combining

A) Book Knowledge
STEM "Science Technology Engineering Mathematics" of Academia -- LEGIT Engineering degrees


B) Real World Knowledge
Empiricism (repetitive Trial & Error, until something "works"..kinda!). This is the primary IP "Intellectual Property" of Motorsports, incl Offroad Racing. Technically, it's "unsophisticated brute force"..but IT GETS THE JOB DONE. Racers know "what works..WHAT DOESN'T", However, the STEM "Book Knowledge" guys can do an "Optimization Search" to find a set of "Tier 1 solutions" using fancy Engineering & Applied Science models coupled with fancy computers (as far as GPU clusters, GPU = Graphics Processing Unit, aka "supercomputer on a chip")

I'm currently working on Science/Engineering HPC (High Performance Computing) using Nvidia GPUs..Nvidia is a leader in this area. Application sectors include Autonomous Car sector

[ "birthed" in Offroad Racing, the DARPA Grand Challenge 2004/Barstow & 2005/Primm, won by Dr Sebastien Thrun (Stanford Computer Science Prof) with Red-Bull sponsored VW Touareg (he's German, as reflected by the Dakar Rally where VW had a big effort w/Touareg..Mark Miller (Ryan Arciero's partner). YES..I can get the Arciero-Miller VW Trophy Truck program re-booted, using my "Alternative Model" for Motorsports Funding (Wealthy/Creative Silicon Valley Tech companies would be all over this, to use Trophy Truck as a Real World "testbed" for their mass-market consumer devices -- smartphones, Wireless Tech (real-time telemetry back to Pits, e.g. Indycar. Offroad simply doesn't have this..but it CAN HAPPEN!!), GPU supercomputers, etc -- the Technology Partnership model. As opposed to the same-old-same-old Marketing Sponsorship model -- in return for flying our company Logo ("eyeballs for advertising"), we give $$ for your Racing program

"Trying to squeeze BLOOD out of a Rock"
-- offroad Racer, private communication

YES, I'm sitting on a Gold Mine .. call it Motorsport 2.0 -- revolutionizing EVERY Motorsports sector (Indycar, F1, Offroad Racing, IMSA, Endurance Racing..24 Hrs Daytona & 24 Hrs LeMans, Rally, Dakar Rally, etc)

^^^ NOTE: it NEEDS Technology-based Leadership in the race sector (Indycar, Offroad Racing, etc) with a Vice President Technology EMBEDDED in the race-organization. A guy in a suit, ON-salary, ON-staff in a brick-and-mortar, otherwise the Silicon Valley Tech companies (suits, salary, brick-and-mortar) will NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. Of course, Offroad Racing has NONE of that so:


I already went thru this TWICE..!! I.e., I SHELVED 2 Offroad Racing things because of its DISORGANIZATION -- to an outsider ("Professional") it looks like freakin' Amateur-Hour.

(Example) Caltech/NASA/JPL 2012 Mars Mission (MSL "Mars Science Laboratory")
I have an APPROVED concept for a Motorsports related project with Caltech/NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (my old employer, US Govt..*choke*, *shaking head*):

Crossover Marketing using Offroad Racing (& Indycar) for NASA/JPL Mars Mission (MSL "Mars Science Laboratory"), the 6-wheeled OFFROAD electric-drive Plutonium powered semi-autonomous Robotic Rover

YES..all those NASA/JPL Mars rovers are Offroad Vehicles -- they could benefit from Real World Knowledge of Offroad Racing sector. I mentioned this to Ryan Arciero, & he/Mark Miller got in touch with NASA/JPL to do this (cutting me out..not cool) -- full article about this

Off-Roaders Offer Tips for Getting NASA's Spirit Out of Mars Sand

After months of meticulous planning and testing on earth, engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory finally tried to drive the Mars Rover, Spirit, out of the sand trap in which it was mired. In a day, they buried it deeper.

While this situation may present a conundrum for NASA engineers and scientists, getting stuck is old-hat for professional off-road racers like Ryan Arciero and Mark Miller, owners of Arciero-Miller Racing. "Before you start doing anything you have to find the path of least resistance," Arciero says. "And when you get rolling, which way are you going to go?"
The date of the article is 2009, this was the time I was in touch with various entities -- Caltech/NASA/JPL, Georgia-Tech GTRI "Georgia-Tech Research Institute"/ATAS (Aerospace Transportation Advanced Systems Laboratory), etc. I know the Head of ATAS, we had a 45 min conversation about an Offroad Racing project -- they already had an Offroad project using 3-way consortium

NASCAR (why!!??), GTRI/ATAS, ONR (Office of Naval Research..fronting for US Navy & US Army)

to develop next generation Humvee, the so-called Ultra AP (Armored Patrol). Using a Ford F350 chassis as a base

NASCAR engineers help design combat vehicle

..NASCAR engineering.
Built on the skeleton of a Ford F-350 truck, the vehicle is called the ULTRA AP (Armored Patrol). Its builders melded some of the latest advancements in vehicle defense with the maneuverability and safety features of an "off-the-shelf" truck to develop a concept vehicle that may one day replace the familiar Humvee in the battlefield.

"The idea of using an off-the-shelf vehicle is that it already has that stuff in it,"

[ Hey!! This is what Offroad Racing classes do..so WHY THE HECK did ONR & GTRI/ATAS turn to NASCAR, instead of Offroad Racing. Well..I can go 2 ways on this. 1st..NOBODY KNOWS about Offroad Racing, a geographically niche-sport ("The best kept secret in Motorsports", as per Jim Baldwin who bought..then WRECKED CORR. Love Ya!! Geeses..). 2nd, they may know Offroad Racing is a DISORGANIZED MESS -- multiple race series/promoters (with different classes/rules)..it's DIFFUSE. There isn't a brick-and-mortar, Vice President Technology (likely what NASCAR has, Indycar sure has one because I've been working with them since 2013), "suits" (morons impersonating as "professionals"), etc. Just a bunch of "good time Charlies"

1) horsing-around with their Offroad toys
excellence in Empiricism "Trial & Error evolution" -- pretty DANG GOOD..trust me, I know Engineering & Applied Science. The recent Pistol Pete tragedy is an example, safety equipment was compromised.

2) hanging out at strip clubs before the big-race
!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME..Team Penske in Indycar has CURFEW for their team (in bed by 10pm), certainly no STRIP CLUBS into 2am. Getting "dinged" by trannies "I got your $$, you got grossed-out by my dick". See Dave Caspino's FB feed, for PERSISTENT obsession with trannies.

3) too much drinking/partying
lots of boozing, womanizing, "transmission" stuff (they're BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, some are patriots in US Military..leave'm alone!!). Man, that group I was with at Rosina's (on Malecon) at SF250 -- WHEW! Stuff I can't mention (or they would kill me). That Australian guy was pretty wild..AND FUNNY! I ran into him & Cam Steele's fabricator Brady:

^^^ in all seriousness, there ARE some localized professionals who have their S***T together. They would make great "Development Partners". E.g. AGM (All German Motorsports.."European Sophistication" Martin Christensen & Armin Schwarz), Xtrac Development Partner, who successful developed an Xtrac gearbox, leading to their FIRST Class 1 victory at 2008 SCORE San Felipe 250!! I have some plans for Martin C, so watch for that..like "pulling in" BMW

[ who are partnered with Intel/Mobileye in Autonomous Cars (predicted 27 BILLION $$ sector by 2020)..latter was "birthed" in Offroad Racing via the DARPA Grand Challenge 2004/Barstow & 2005/Primm, administered by SCORE ]

into Offroad Racing. I.e., Desert Racing is a perfect testbed for EDE (Extreme Duty Environment) -- heat, dust, endurance ("Fatigue Cycling", from Mechanical Engineering), Performance (engine, chassis, shocks, suspension, etc), Safety (BIG DEAL in consumer cars), etc ]

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) principal research engineer Gary Caille told LiveScience. "The automotive industry has spent a lot of money evaluating these chassis for safety and we can make use of that."

The ULTRA AP was developed at the GTRI, which brought together engineers from the commercial automotive and military worlds. The idea was to save money by marrying advanced armor materials and designs with proven safety designs from the automotive industry.
My former JPL Image Processing Lab colleague (now NASA/JPL Mgr of Visualization Technology & Applications Development) called me EXCITEDLY in a desperate voice -- YES, LET'S DO IT!!

You see, US Govt ("FAILED LEADERSHIP") has SCREWED OVER STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), not investing in one of its Crown Jewels -- leading R1 Univs (Tier 1 Research Univs). Thus, SCREWING OVER its own people -- the so-called STEM Crisis:

"NOT recruiting young American boys/girls into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) careers"
"Most of the graduating PhDs in leading American STEM Univs (MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Georgia-Tech, etc) are FOREIGN BORN"

which is a Threat to National Security:

"There will be nobody to hire for classified Military Projects, key to National Security"
"America cannot be competitive in a Science/Tech-centric Global Economy, which creates Geo-Political tension (look at how China is saber-rattling in SouthEast Asis, Russia is saber-rattling in Ukraine area, etc)..the seeds for War"
-- US Congressman

[ He is founder DIAL "Digital Image Animation Laboratory" at JPL Image Processing Lab, who got hired at Disney Feature Animation as Mgr, his group won a Technical Oscar for implementation of MIT's CAPS (Computer Animation Production System). Yes, this is the Disney Animation which merged with PIXAR (co-founded by my colleague Dr Ed Catmull U of Utah PhD Computer Science, owned by Steve Jobs/Apple). Computer Animation is part of the (2018) 135 BILLION $$ Computer Gaming sector, it's my old field of Computer Vision & Computer Graphics. Leading Hollywood Directors (Steven Spielberg, et al) are "jumping in" to get a piece-of-the-action, this sector EXCEEDS Hollywood Film..for chrissake!! See James Cameron's Avatar movie years back, Hollywood is literally "merging" with the Computer Gaming sector. Latter has "avatars" (characters), so they literally are quite similar

He returned to Caltech/NASA/JPL to help with STEM Outreach

"A Noble Cause"

towards America 2.0 "The Recovery" ]

I ran all of the above by Erik "Camo" Linker (co-founder Pirate4x4 with Lance Clifford..all round good guy LOVED BY ALL. LOL) in private, he told me

I like the save America slant. It's good marketing.
i have no doubt that your brilliant mind will come up with something that will revolutionize the way we do things or live our life’s do keep on keeping on
You may call me HUGE HEAD MAN!!

I'm the mental counterpart to the top TT drivers in Offroad Racing -- I live on the boundary of Success & Disaster ("Idiot Space"). See Andy Mcmillin's quote on driving a TT to the "edge & back"

"I've turned into Huge Head Man!!"
"Driving like an IDIOT [ man possessed ]"
-- Kreg Donahue, Offroad Racing mailing list,

^^^^ Whew, this has to be 1 of my better rants!! Started out with some mild pics from "40 Yrs of Glory: Baja 1000"..then WARPED into rants about


& how Offroad Racing could be a "testbed" for Emerging Disruptive Automotive

27 BILLION $$ sector in Autonomous Cars

[ EVERY Auto Mfr is JUMPING INTO THE GAME -- Toyota (invested 1 BILLION $$ into TRI "Toyota Research Institute"), Mercedes, Audi, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, VW, Byton, Rivian Truck EV startup. I know ALL the leading players

( incl Palo Alto/CA based Toyota Research Institute CEO Dr Gil Pratt, MIT PhD '88 Electrical Eng "Robotics", since my PhD '84 was in Electrical Engineering "Computer Vision" (U of Illinois, 2nd ranked Engineering Program in USA, tied w/Stanford, MIT at #1.


Computer Vision | AI "Artificial Intelligence" | Robotics

is the CORE Technology for Autonomous Cars

TRI assembled a "dream team of PhDs" incl Dr James Kuffner (Stanford PhD Robotics, former Carnegie-Mellon Univ Prof Robotics..arguably the BEST Robotics program in USA with NREC "National Robotics Engineering Center", former Google Car principal), who was JUST promoted to"

Toyota AD (Advanced Development) in Tokyo

to take TRI's "Applied Research" into Toyota Production cars. I just ran into Dr Kuffner this last January at CES

( Consumer Electronics Show..the ENTIRE North Hall of LVCC "Las Vegas Convention Ctr" is filled with Automotive --

Audi, Mercedes, VW, Hyundai, BMW, Continental (German Tire company diversifying into Automotive Tech, incl Autonomous Cars), ZF (German gearbox mfr also diversifying into other sectors )

AND Nico Rosberg (2016 F1 Champ Team Mercedes, who retired afterward) at the Byton EV (Electric Vehicle) startup press-conference, founded by former BMW Execs/Engineers based in China

( !! they realize China is leading USA in Alternative Energy (they spend in 1 week, what USA spends in ONE YEAR, the disparity is THAT BAD!! ), so they are going with the Top Dog..not USA. You can thank that man-child "Chump of the White House" for getting out of the Paris Accords (Global Warming hoax, but it DOES stimulate Alternative Energy startups), thus putting USA "out" of any sort of Leadership in Alternative Energy.

Love 'Ya "Donnie the Dimwit" (as per his older sister, Chump's neighborhood nickname) -- yer SCREWING America, allowing China to leap ahead in Alternative Energy.

My former U of Illinois Electrical Eng grad-school office-mate Martin Eberhard co-founded Tesla Motors (valuation greater than Ford), after selling his last startup Nuvomedia for 180 MILLION. He became Head of VW ERL "Engineering Research Lab" in Palo Alto/CA, to lead the electrification of the VW Golf -- e-Golf. He joined leadership team at Chinese EV (Electric Vehicle) startup SF Motors, then sold his InEVitable startup to them for 40 MILLION. His 2nd home is in Sierra Madre/CA, just 2 mi from where I live (2 blocks from Caltech, that Univ with 28 odd Nobel Laureates). He is in stealth-mode in Silicon Valley, working on his next EV startup

Me..I'm working Motorsports big-time, since this is a CRUCIAL part of Disruptive Automotive

Autonomous Cars, Connected Cars, Electric/Hybrid

for Real World TESTING (towards the name-of-the-game in Mass Market cars "Long Term Durability/Reliability Testing"..cars have to "live". Latter is Offroad Racing lingo)

That's RIGHT -- my "incubator startups" will be a factor -- drawing Interest/$$ from Wealthy/Creative sectors of

1) DARPA (40% of US Budget goes to Military)

2) Silicon Valley Tech (they NAILED the Mass Consumer Market)

3) Green Tech (Huge activity, given the politicization of Global Warming hoax)

^^^ There is a TON of $$ available ("gold mine") in these Lucrative/CREATIVE sectors.

Yes, there is an IP (Intellectual Property) of CREATIVITY in Offroad Racing (Motorsports, in general) which can be LEVERAGED by *enterprising* (solid ethics, good business skills, passionate about Racing/Automotive) individuals (& small race companies), targeting the LUCRATIVE Disruptive Automotive Sectors

1) Autonomous Cars (27 BILLION $$ sector by 2020)
2) Connected Cars (HUGE..car to Grid, car-to-car communication)
3) Electric/Hybrid (HUGE..see Tesla Motors co-founded by my ex college buddy valued more than Ford)


America 2.0 "The Recovery"

I know the Offroad Racing landscape/Ecosystem pretty well. Well-behaved/professionals in Offroad Racing will be RECRUITED to be Development Partners. Just mirror the effort by Xtrac (I collaborate with Vice President Andrew Heard, Masters Mechanical Eng w/honors from UK Univ, who I met at 2006 Parker 425), who recruits race teams as Development Partners

There ARE select individuals/companies, like

Martin Christensen (AGM "All German Motorsports"), Robby Pierce (welder turned CEO)..former Mastercraft/Impact Head, Geiser Brothers, Jimco, McMillins, Menzies, Vildosola, Steve Sourapas, et al

who have the Class/Integrity/Organization/Ethics/Passion to take on a "spinoff" Automotive startup.

Steve Sourapas has a "Sourapas Motors" type of thing -- INTERESTING! He's got a race team, sons who are leading TT drivers -- he's got the "pieces" to do an Automotive Startup like Tesla Motors, where he can bring in the

Motorsports "bits"

to add Real World Testing. ALL these EV startups are missing TESTING -- how do you know if they will survive the rigors of Desert use? Answer: goto WACKY Offroad Racing (DISORGANIZED as S****T)

WON'T HAPPEN on a Race Series type of Formula (Vice President Technology of a race series..there is NONE!!)

Lone entities like a Sourapas Motors could be useful, but it would be "piece meal". There needs to be an Industry wide Organization, say a

Formula 1 KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) formula, that leverages Hybrid Technology (in this case regenerative braking)

^^^^ This is the TRAGEDY of Offroad Racing -- the DISORGANIZATION is self-destructive behavior at its worst!!

I'm hearing rumors of people trying to start ANOTHER Desert Racing series, I assume they're unhappy with SCORE. Then, you got Dave Cole of Ultra4, coming in with the T1 Desert Challenge that FURTHER divides the already DIVIDED Offroad Racing ecosystem.

Good Grief, how do I approach my high-level contacts in Silicon Valley & R1 Univs

[ notably Georgia-Tech GTRI/ATAS "Aerospace Transportation Advanced Systems Laboratory", who has DONE Offroad projects with NASCAR, ONR (Office of Naval Research) to develop next-generation Humvee ]

with any sort of a "professional" proposal?? THEY WOULD LAUGH AT ME!! I already have been RIPPED OFF big-time, the "bad actors" were REALLY STUPID -- they infringed on

2 DoD (Dept of Defense) contractors who did the LIVE IRIDIUM vehicle-tracking for 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge 2005/Primm

[ declared that THEY developed the Technology used by US Military, British Military (helicopters) -- the STUPIDITY!! As told to me by Paul Fish/SCORE .. yes, this is 1st person information!! ]

in violation of Homeland Security/Patriot Act. Those IDIOTS are going to Federal Prison, along with their "participants" (some major names in Offroad Racing) -- accessories.

^^^ I want to get this matter "resolved" QUICKLY, then move towards the above .. recruiting some VALID partners in Offroad Racing. I guess do some "small projects"

[ namely the "sensational" transmission-in-a-Trophy-Truck startup, with 21 yr old she-male pornstar Chanel Santina (Las Vegas based, but just moved to LA to become a BILLIONAIRE ala Kylie Jenner), who is building her automotive portfolio -- orange Ford Mustang, now newly acquired Jeep JL Sahara ]

-- the

Blue Sky Vision

requires an ORGANIZED infrastructure in Offroad Racing (which does NOT exist)

Yes, Chanel Santina she-male Trophy Truck project is the VALID startup for Offroad Racing.

Every CRACKPOT greedy capitalist US company will be "IN ON THIS", all they care about is the "eyeballs based on a gimmick" -- see that Danica Patrick DISASTER (Indycar & NASCAR). Everyone made good COIN/$$ -- Motorola, GoDaddy (racy sexy ads..PERFECT for Chanel Santina), Danica -- everyone laughing on the way to the Bank!!

^^^ They don't call me Crazy Boy for nuthin' !!

^^^ OMG, I did a 2nd rant, at the end of a 1st rant!!


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