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Drill Bits


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Steel you want a cobalt split point. They have thicker webs and are stronger than a regular HSS bit. Guhring makes just about the best drills, just not cheap.


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If HSS stops cutting I touch it up with a fine grinder wheel, If that doesn't work I get the cut going again with the spendy cobalt and then back to HSS.


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I received the Norseman set I ordered and they weight twice as much as my old set that kept breaking. Hopefully I can stop breaking bits now. Haven't used them yet, but looks promising.

Thanks for the lead on quality drill bits.

- Mike

blue dog

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Norseman is a quality USA brand trusted and proven to be high quality.

Harry J Epsteins in Kansas City has a great stock of Norseman bit index's , all types. Good luck.


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Just an update -- these rock. I have yet to brake one, and I love the case they come in, Thanks for the recommendation, I should have bought these a long time ago.


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I use cheap ones but I know how to sharpen them. Mostly I use roto broach cutters for all my brackets and tabs when. Drilling on a drill press or mill. I got extra arbors one for each size they are so must faster.

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