DRIVE Night Race – Class ½-1600 – Is More Less, or is Less More?

I was looking at the Payback for the ½-1600 “Hare” race and it got me thinking. There is so much money to be won; I was wondering what is better.

With fewer entries, the odds of being the “Hare” go way up as do your chances of winning the race – so Less could be More.

With more entries, the Purse goes way up, but the chances of being the “Hare” go down as do you chance of winning.

Either way, with the current 9 entries, the “Hare” could win $2010.00 and someone else could win $1650.00. That is about what I won last year at the MDR Superstition 250 and there were 19 entries.

Looks like EASY MONEY!

Check out the unofficial payback chart that I worked up to “count my Chickens, before they hatch.”



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Do you think there will be 9 starters in 1/2 1600? Hm.

<Cody Agee>

also you have to ask yourself is money the reason you are racing? or would you rather go out and have fun against 20 cars versus 9? Definitely a hard decision


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This IS Ramsey were talking about....he weighs the air in his tires....


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but look at the entry list in 1600
Steven Eugenio 1627, QuentinTucker 1610, Charles Guy 1603, Cody Robinson 1604,Caleb Sanden 1688,Adam Phankuch 1646, Ramsey El Wardani 1657, Terry Tolbert
1697,David Hendrickson 1647 more or less there are some FAST guys in that list....