Drive vs MDR Put It To Rest.


"F" you Bill
To start it off I don't speak for DRIVE or MDR. I speak only as a Racer and Volunteer.

From my conversations with the people that are a part of both these series, I hope to put this this whole controversy to rest.

The simple fact is that the more races we have in PC, the less chance that we will lose our chances to run races in the desert. This was told to me by the BLM.

I want to state that the efforts of NIKAL and Jam 1600 have been admiral on how they have stepped up to improve the MDR races. You two should be proud of what you have done. They have advanced MDR to the next step.

On the same note, what DRIVE has done in it's first year is amazing. It has brought a series that has opened up the desert and united several organizations to make it better for all of us. And done it with a uncanny professional attitude.

This is not a competition between promorters but an advancement to our sport.

The way I see it the more races we have availible to us the better chance we have of keeping racing around.

Simply put we need both series.

I hope I presented this in the best light to all. Because I respect the efforts of all involved.

Now can we all just forget about the past and just race? That is what is it is all about.

edited to add:

The volunteers of both these series are freaking amazing. I know what you people have to do and I thank all of you for it.
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Great post Trey. Drop the BS, race where you have fun, and don't try to trash anyone else. What a strange concept!


I encourage the opportunity to race as often as possible. Especially when we have a location so close.

D. Freeman

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Amen , I personally want to race as close to home as possible, thanks to the people that make it possible to go racing at PC, all organizations and especially the VOLUNTEERS.


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Great post Trey. Drop the BS, race where you have fun, and don't try to trash anyone else. What a strange concept!
Perfectly said Trey ! :D Being a volunteer of both MDR and DRIVE, I am loving the fact that racing in PC is going strong !!!!!!! This is good for all racers, spectators and Volunteers !! :D

Giant Geoff

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No doubt, we need both, it helps keep the land open for general recreation.

Anything people say is always on them selves. If you say some thing good/uplifting, you gain respect. If you say something bad/negative, you get no respect. It’s on you and you get judged for what you say. Not who you’re saying it about, nor does it affect them.


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Great thread Trey!

We have a bigger issue in Plaster City that is going to effect MDR, Drive, D38 and every team who uses Plaster City.

SOLAR panels are going in! Yes there's a very good chance we will see a Solar Farm in Plaster City in the future. And without every Plaster City racer and team who uses this location to test, to ban together we will lose this land. Because once this goes in, the next step will be to stop recreational riding in parts of Plaster City if not all of it. They will blame the dust and you and I know the environmentalist will be siding with the Solar companies.

Everytime we as racer's feel the need to argue and fight each other regarding what series is better, it is one step closer for these organizations who want to close our deserts. We are all to worried about what we are doing and we are not looking at the big picture. We are not seeing the preparation these groups are doing to make this happen. We as off-roader's have rights and a voice. We could have a very loud voice if we would just all ban together and tell these citys, states and our government we are not going to keep giving our land and rights away.

If you dont believe me call Drive, call MDR, call D38 and ask them what they might know about this. They will tell you that when they talk with the BLM they hear about these issues. And once you all come to the realization that this is true, you have too wonder how come you have not heard about this until now? The reason is we are not listening! We are sitting on RDC and at our local races talking about who is better.

And what really sucks for me is I feel like I have lost Baja already as my family has made the choice to not go down there anymore, atleast until things get better. I miss my 5 day play trips we would do with the buggy's more then actually racing down there. Those trips were a place for me to bond with my grandfather and to learn so much about Baja. Now with that gone in the immediate future, I turned to racing and helping MDR in Plaster City. If we lose this then I guess I might just put the race car and buggy away and load the boat and go to the river!