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Driver side GPS in Race truck?


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We are installing our equipment into our new dash and the idea of driver side small GPS came up and created a debate. We have a 7" AEM engine dash so if we are going to out in a gps we need to do it now.

Who has then and find them useful? or is it just cool but not practical?

Can a driver really look down and look at the GPS? if so does it become a distraction?

Thoughts from people that have driven with and without driver GPS?

I've driven with and without a driver side GPS and I really liked having one in front of me while driving. You don't really focus 100% on it but you do glance down at it when maybe the codriver is working on something else or when they are on the radio orrrr just to have a better understanding of how the actual course correlates with the little arrow and squiggly line on the screen.


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I also run two in my Jeepspeed.. I like it. I use is as a speedo in speed zones mostly.. I have heard a romor that there will be a OBDII interface for the Lowrance comming soon. It would be cool to use the digital gauges the GPS has on the drivers side if i wanted to switch.


Besides paying for it and giving up the dash space, there is no real drawback to it.

I have the biggest one I can fit in my imaginary race truck. I may only use it a handful of times in the imaginary races I race but, those imaginary moments in those imaginary races in my imaginary race truck have netted me some really big imaginary wins. I couldn't imagine racing without one now.


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I would love one for mexico(longer races), but there is no way I could find time and focus to look at it during the lap races up here. Just too much going on, dust, cars, rocks, drones.

jon coleman

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Soooo, whats it like to race with one, do they help at night??( smarta$$ question)gps can also be tied into obdII eng mang.?, thats cool,
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It helps a lot. It is not that hard to glance down. Really helps in speed zone. Timing going off the line. I run mine farther out then the co dog 1.5 to 2 mile.
I do the same- it is great to be able to glance down occasionally to see any 90 degree (or worse) turns coming up that may be outside the screen of the main GPS.

A nice extra safety feature, plus it is very helpful in speed zones.

Wendell #527

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I always looked at mine while racing. Really helps especially in dusty areas trying to figure out the exact angle of the next turn so you don’t have to lift to see where to go. Just a quick glance and I got the next few hundred feet of the course in my head.


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Thanks for all the input. We tried to fit the 7” Lowrance in dash it it won’t fit. So I think I will put a iPad over there. The new 12 GPS has a emulator for iPad that just shows what the main gps is showing. Or we will put LeadNav on it. I think your all right that if you have it there it will come in handy.