Driveshaft the show


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Just a reminder for those that missed it friday night , that driveshaft is going to be on again today at 4pm on FX . It is the one with the guys from The Baja Shop on it making chariots out of 4 door cars .

John Bitting

I was able to catch it and I had no idea about the background of AJ and Jesse, Its worth watching for that reason. Its a cool show and hope we get to see all of them.


Well-Known Member wasn't on at 4:00 and I meant to tape it Friday, but forgot. If anyone sees that it's going to be repeated would you let us know? And did you know Pat from KarTek worked on the show? We wondered who had the truck with the big KarTek sticker on it. I feel pretty special because I did some consulting on the show and the two people I put one of the producers in contact with for the sand car episode ended up being the experts (Dana Cody and Troy Johnson). That's almost like 5 minutes of fame, isn't it? Like, vicariously?


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i watched it at 4...maybe it wasn't reran on all cable networks? i dunno....i missed the first 5 minutes, but there wasnt any racing/off roading footage on there...oh well. still, it was cool...jesse's car looked like the top of a sand car rollcage welded onto a neon ...way too nice of a cage for that....