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Dromo 1


I have heard people talking about Dromo 1 and racing or something. Is it like Speedzone or something? Where is it? What do you race? Is it worth the $. I am thinking of taking a few laps in a NASCAR cup car at Fontana but it costs an arm and a leg (they just upped their prices). I am starting to think that it is not worth it and want to do something else with the $. From the comments made it sounds like you can race other people...someone fill me in because I want to race something!!!



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i have been a couple of times but i would NOT recommend it. they are really protective of their stuff(especially the cars). if you even come close to nerfing the car in front of you they pull the plug on your car. if you want to do the go cart thing the only way to fly is 125 shifter carts!!! i run out at willow springs and it is bitchen, but not cheap!!! it is like $325 for the starter course, but is the closest you can get to an F1 car, and they are screaming fast. if you want more info let me know.


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I bought a shifter cart for $2500 and played around on it for a couple years then when I got tired of it I sold it for $2300. It was by far the most intense thing I have driven. Two years of screwing around on it for only $200 was well worth it.


John Bitting

What did you do to it greg, Long travel?? :) I have always wanted to try one but probably could not fit in one..