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Dromo 1


I have been thinking.. how about after the swapmeet.
I assume lots of you will go to the swap..so since we are all out of the house anyways.. maybe cruise to the dromo in the late afternoon.

Jerry Zaiden

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It is going to be crowded. It is the day befor Easter. But I think we should do it on a week night. Maybe like a Wed or Thur?


good point,

no matter what day we pick somone will not be able to make it out...
When Gabe first started taking about this, I mentioned the weekend of May 19th. Because I will be down that weekend. I know one vote won't make a difference, but even if you guys do it in the next couple of weeks, it doesn't mean that we can't do it that weekend as well. Besides, I think if you guys try and do it another weekend, it's just because you are all afraid that I am going to kick a#% and lap all of you.... ;-)



you are on.

Regardless of everyones schedule I will show you how its done May 19th.

The battle of NoCal vs. SoCal.
Get ready for a spanking. ;-)


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I will be there with my guys... That would be a hoot....I hope TEAM Mckenzies shows up for another ass whoopin...I will have to bring my Deadly go-kart wepon........PAIGE.(she is a killer)

If we do it like Gabe was talking about, then being crowded isn't an issue. We would have the entire place to ourselves. for 2.5 - 4 hours depending how many people we get and how much we pay. And they run a Grand Prix style race for us.

I think that is the way to go. Then we can really see who is good. Not mixed in with a bunch of other people that we don't know...

Your on Klaus... To bad you guys live down there and get to practice if you want before I show up. But I do have a Maibu Grand Prix place up here, but I don't think it compares from the sound of it.
Oh well, it doesn't matter, I can drive anything anyway.... ;-)


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We should have more then one night. That way we will not be fighting for track time. Also, two dates will accomadate more people. First two nights are qualifiers. Third night for the "feature".



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Schedule it and they will come . . . keep it simple. Set one nite of racing for all the marbles let everyone know what time and whoever shows, shows. I bet a lot of people will come even if it is a weekend just to hang with/race against the RDC regulars. The 19th sounds as good as any.

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Gabe, have you put anything else together on this? Looks like the interest is there. Let's just hope that Robby doesn't show up!

<font color=red>Shaun</font color=red>

Gabe Lara

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I have the date tenatively booked.....I only have a few ( 23 of the 40 ) spots taken up.
I'm waiting to get some more e-mails from folks (30-35 would be fine), and then I'll start collecting $ for Dromo.

I hope 'ol RG does get a chance to show....It would be fun to have him hang with everyone.