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Dual Port End Castings


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I am looking for a company that sells aftermarket VW dual port end castings that are made for D ported original VW heads. I need them for a prerun motor. The stock castings will be very thin after I match port them. Thanks in advance for the info.
Mike Hinson


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I don't think there is such a thing. You will have to weld them up then match port them. Go to Gene Berg or Fat. They can do it.
In the old days everyone used genuine vw. Get a Hot VW's magazine, see if anybody is doing repros like Claude's Buggies in Sacramento.


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Is this for a stock carbed engine or something bigger ?
I have an intake made with bigger than stock tubes and end castings to match. The castings are fairly clunky compared to stock, there might be enough material there to do what you need. It has an old Bugspray Holley on it, but I think a synchronous DCNF or similar would bolt on it. It will not accept something like the DGV as it has no cross-over btwn the two tubes. I'd take $10 plus shipping for it if it'll do you any good. Only caveat is you get the Bugspray with it whether you want it or not. :)


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