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Dubai International baja rally 9 - 11 march


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The second round of the FIA world cup for cross country events and first round of the FIM bajas world cup. The event was part of the Mid East rally championships following the growing development of off road events in the region the event has been turn into world cross country event for cars & bikes.

events entry list: 31 cross country cars/3 UTV in national class and 38 bikes/Quad cross country category
cars- http://www.dubaiinternationalrally.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/2017 DIB Auto Entry List (INT).pdf .

bikes/Quad -
http://www.dubaiinternationalrally.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/2017 DIB Moto Entry List (INT).pdf.

Nasser Al Attiya and Aron Domzala cars on vehicle pallets ready for there fly to Dubai for event.



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Dont really want to hijack the thread, but dont want to create another useless thread again.

1st race of the World Cup - Baja Northern Forest was a bit of a surpise to some competitors. Disrergard the snow, ice, spiked tires etc.. It was the rules. Number of entrants kicked out of international event as cars did not have new fire extinguishing systems as per 2017 rules and did not have necessary padding on roll cage. Winner was d'qd after his suspension was found to have extra 5mm of travel due to a big hit he sustained early in the rally (same as Nasser in Abu Dhabi 2015). Funny enough, it was FIA tech that d'qd him, but Russian Championship tech kept his result for Russian Champ disagreeing with FIA. Yet to know the full outcome. On top, new registration system for FIA events (you need to register with FIA for the season before your first race) meant that some people did not do this (it was all fairly vague) and got no points for the WC - such as Zapletal and Vasiliev.

It is interesting to see what will happen at hthe Dubai Baja with all these new rules. 31 cars in total means a good one - Yotas, Minis, Peugeot of PH Sport + local contenders and a few guest drivers.

As part of Saluki Motorsport I am happy to say we are putting 3 cars into the race, 2 will be 2WD buggies and one is T2 Nissan Patrol. Probably largest independent team entry for FIA cars this year.


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Wow, was not aware of that situation in Bussia and by FIA side specially!!
Not very wise, moreover considering that rally raid (or cross country) i not a strong world championship (in fact it is a world cup, not a championship).
Hope everything is sorted out for this weekend.

You are locals, more than ever you will have fun and hopefully have a good result!!


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good luck GEO for the event hopeful won't have any breaking rules/regs further on in the series


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First speial of the rally.
As expected, Nasser flying.

Gret first stage by Dessert Dog, in top 10, and just 5 minutes from 5th position.
No news about Geo...

Pos No. Name Pen. Time Diff. prev Diff. 1st
1 302 AL ATTIYA N. 1:04:07.0
2 303 AL QASSIMI S. +4:14.0
3 309 ABU ISSA M.+7:10.0
4 311 AL JAFLA K. +9:32.0
5 305 ZAPLETAL M. +11:34.0
6 307 CHABOT R. +13:04.0
7 301 DOMZALA A. +14:22.0
8 329 PRYTULIAK V. +14:43.0
9 318 AL MAQOODI A. +15:36.0
10 320 POWELL M. +16:13.0
11 343 AL FERAIHI K. +18:00.0
12 312 COMMAGNAC Y. +18:42.0
13 316 SEAIDAN Y. +20:05.0
14 308 AL HELEI Y. +20:16.0
15 315 AL HELEI M. +20:42.0

Above Desset, only Toyotas overdrive drivers, Al Quassami with the 3008 DKR and Zapletal with his Hummer.
Then 2 POlaris UTV (surprising performance by the UTV´s, or type of terrain??)

EDIT: tere is also one trophy truck (yes? a trophy truck) in 4th position, Mr Al Jafla


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So here some pictures.
Thsi is the Trophy truck:

And this Dessert´s Predator, very modified from other Predators, at least in body!!


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stage 2 times
1. 302 AL ATTIYA N. - 54:20.0
2. 303 AL QASSIMI S. - 56:18.0
3. 305 ZAPLETAL M. - 59:54.0
4. 309 ABU ISSA M. - 1:00:14.0
5. 307 CHABOT R. - 1:01:45.0
6. 308 AL HELEI Y. - 1:02:05.0
7. 329 PRYTULIAK V. - 1:04:26.0
8. 318 AL MAQOODI A. - 1:05:02.0
9. 301 DOMZALA A. - 1:05:20.0
10. 343 AL FERAIHI K. - 1:07:39.0

25. 320 POWELL M. - 1:57:50.0

overall times
1 302 AL ATTIYA N. 1:58:27.0
2 303 AL QASSIMI S. 2:04:39.0 +6:12.0
3 309 ABU ISSA M. 2:11:31.0 +13:04.0
4 305 ZAPLETAL M. 2:15:35.0 +17:08.0
5 307 CHABOT R. 2:18:56.0 +20:29.06
6 329 PRYTULIAK V. 2 :23:16.0 +24:49.0
7 301 DOMZALA A. 2:23:49.0 +25:22.0
8 311 AL JAFLA K. 2:24:40.0 +26:13.0
9 318 AL MAQOODI A. 2:24:45.0 +26:18.0
10 308 AL HELEI Y. 2:26:28.0 +28:01.0

24 320 POWELL M. 3:18:10.0 +1:19:43.0

Nasser leading overall in Toyota with Sh. Khalid AL QASSIMI chasing him down in Peugeot 2008 DKR despite having incident 10km to end SS1 when the Jack arm fell of the vehicle. Dessert Dog lost a bit of time on second stage but still in it. Unfortunately Sam Sunderland in Bikes has has had to retire for mechanical issues with front sprocket.


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Dessert Dog, I guess you must be preapraing your participation in next ADDC, but tell us something of your participation (and GEO´s) in Dubai!!!