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Due to the threat of legal action

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Desertracer.com has been discontinued.

WTF is up with that?!

Threat of legal action because of what, by who?

What, did the "booger welds" section make someone mad. Were they using copyrighted material without permission?

People can make threats all they want. Usually people that like to threaten legal action(as opposed to taking legal action) don't have a leg to stand on.

I'm guessing anyone who visited desertracer.com would also stop by RDC from time to time.
So would the person or persons who were so "wronged" by desertracer.com care to step up and explain the basis for their threat? I would think anyone with grounds to justify a lawsuit against a web site operator would have the sak to publicly explain their case.


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
The government didnt like microsoft so they sued them, to breakup an monopoly.
This sounds like a monopoly suing to break up somthing it doesnt like.

I think I need to find another sport.


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It's real simple, it is no longer needed, the only thing on there was bad mouthing and chatting about stuff that had nothing to do with racing. You can still do that ON ANOTHER BOARD but if you want to talk desert racing, here it is.


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So you're saying it's ok to sue a web site when you don't like it's content?

If you don't like a web site's material don't visit the web site. It's pretty darn simple. Nobody was forced to visit desertacer.com or participate on their message board. I never visited the desertracer board but from what I understand it was clearly stated to be a 'no holds barred' style forum. So what exactly compelled those who didn't approve of the content to keep visiting the site?

You know, if nobody was reading it nobody would bother posting it.


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Thought this could use a BUMP. =)
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