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Duel latching rzr door?


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New to desert racing

My buddy an I are going to build a 2017 rzr 1000 to run in BITD. Since we are new to racing and have no real budget to work with.... We found the Pure Series Off-Road Racing - Dirt Racing DESERT RACING - Alta Vista Events - OFF-ROAD & DIRT RACING

So we plan on running in the stock class to save money and have fun and learn the ropes. Maybe by the end of 2017 we will learn enough and save enough to have what we need for a score rig

But for now we are stuck with a stock rig. And for Pure you can have doors but they must have a duel latch can somebody show me what they did?

Anybody know where to get a fuel cell for under the seat for a rzr for less than $2500?

Thanks Curt
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Here's mine. Pretty simple. This is taken from the inside looking at the front passenger door.

Mine don't work great because the doors are heavy and drop, so you have to lift (hard) to engage the secondary, which isn't ideal if you need to exit in a hurry.

But this is a typical design for secondary latches.