Dumba$$ needs input on GPS vs Leadnav vs ???...


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Disclaimer: We are not tech heads at all so the questions and hopefully your input keeps that in mind...

The wife and I are doing the Baja 4000 in a Bronco and have our trusty old GPS Elite 5 that has served us well chasing over the years. As racers we drove and left all the nav duties including the GPS downloads to our co-drivers (yeah, lazy but you get that way the older you get...). The B4K (Baja XL) "Rally" will require us to input points for the routes at night and then figure out with a very tired Baja Almanac, our PCI Baja SD card of Maps for the Lowrance and other assorted maps; where to go and we will need to hit certain coordinates as quasi checkpoints along the route: Think Geo Cache'...

Knowing we have to input points and the old style GPS sucks at uploading a ton of info easily with the buttons, we are thinking about updating to a new touch screen. A few guys we know who are tech saavy (unlike the wife and I) are using Leadnav and other tools and telling us we are retards for not going that route. I'm not a GPS expert but have used my 480/Elite 5's for years and have a little (very little) comfort level with the Lowrances and the wife zero knowledge. The B4K organizers are Garmin people and we may buy one of the small handhelds they recommend as a backup, but are thinking it's time for a new primary GPS for the truck.

I know the new 5 Touchscreen is not external antenna capable: I'm wondering if in a Bronco, under those conditions in a non race situation, is the external antenna deal a deal breaker? We've heard the only downside is the slower updates? True/not true by those that have used it??? Any other thoughts or recommendations? After the event the Bronco will go back to chasing friends who are racing, taking cruise runs in the US/Baja and maybe another nav rally. We don't want to break the bank but also want something simple and durable. Yes, we've talked to PCI and as a loyal PCI customer they will get the biz if we go that route. We just want to hear some additional input from similar users...

On LeadNav: What's the learning curve and real hardware/software costs? Pro's/cons/thoughts for our situation? All the guys we know that use it have them in full race applications and they are all smarted than this retired racer. Ironically they all also have a Lowrance.

Any thoughts/insight is greatly appreciated!


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My 0.02. The Leadnav has purchases required to get it to the next level for racing, prerunning or navigation. Too rich for me even though I'd like to have my navigation talk to me. I use the MotionX on my iPad with no external antenna. Ipad is mounted on my prerunner dash. I just used it to enter a waypoint and it was pretty quick (scroll #'s, hit save).

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I have always used a Lowrance in my off road cars. I bought an Ipad and Leadnav for Norra last year. Having both is very nice. If I only could have one, I think it would be Lowrance. Mostly because I am better at using it. For Norra, being a navigator, I could not see the Ipad in the sun/dust. I used leadnav for the voice prompts and looked at the lowrance for the trail/route. Now I am sure if I put more time into leadnav I would like it better. But the iPad is plain hard to see in the sun. No way around that.

For the last Baja 4000, I had the Lowrance Baja 5t in my Raptor. It worked good. It was slow inputting the daily coordinates but not bad. The Baja 5t has since Sh&t the bed and gone to GPS heaven. PCI replaced it with the Elite 5 (no external puck). It works on the dash of my truck. No problems so far.



I’ve done the last two NORRA’s on a bike and I use Leadnav but just for audio prompts. I have it on my iPhone carried in my backpack with a PowerBear auxiliary battery. I did not want to use one of my iPads for visual nav as, has been stated here, they crap out when overheated and keeping them charged through all he crap we bounce over is a bit rough on the charging system. I also run a Klipsch bluetooth neckband earbuds. Sits good in the helmet with the battery portion in the neckband so there’s enough charge for about 8 hours. Thinking out load here but you could probably get neckbands for both driver and co-driver feed through one iPhone that is squirreled away safe and then use Lowrance for the visual part? (I use the rallybook mounted on my bars with Garmin Montana as backup.)

Don’t know if what we do on the two wheel side is of help on the four wheel side?


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