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Dunaway Dash


Yes, that is correct. Chuck did overall and I belive Mark McMillen was sceond in class 1 with McCallum in third unofficially. The awards were just strarting when we left and I did not look at the results sheet. I do know that Julie Kerns took first in class 9 with Trey Sommers and Wally Palmer in Second.


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what laps is the video of car 149 from and do you have any more footage of that car. (white two-seat Jimco)
I uploaded one more clip of that white 2 seater. I have a couple more shots of that car but i have to go across town to get the tapes.
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Congradulatioins to Dean and Charlie Hovey for a PERFECT overall and Class 1 victory at the Fud Dunaway Dash on New Years Eve. Chuck also gets the 2001 FRT Class 1 championship. Job Well Done!!!