Dune Buggy on KCET (ref to Baja 1000)

Show #3002
First Aired: 2001
Back in a Southern California garage in 1963 something amazing was happening. A 37 year old Bruce Meyers was building a car that would that would become an icon, the Meyers Manx... better know as the Dune Buggy. This simple car really springborded "off-road" racing into the huge sport it is today, cutting more than 5 hours of the pervious Baja 1000 record in its 1st try. This in turn caught the eye of Hollywood: Elvis, Lucy & Desi, Scooby-Doo all had to have one.
To quote Road and track from 1976, "The Manx has to rank as one of the most significant and influential cars of all time. It started more fads, attracted more imitators... and was recognized as a genuine sculpture, a piece of art." Join Huell as he gets many smiles per mile with Bruce Meyers, and a bunch of Meyers Manx owners as they trek through the So. Cal. landscape.

KCET (PBS station in Los Angeles) repeated a show about dune-buggies:


They made some references to Baja 1000 racing. "This in turn caught the eye of Hollywood: Elvis, Lucy & Desi, Scooby-Doo all had to have one", I didn't realize dune buggies (VW chassis, the basis for Class 1, 5, 5-1600, 1-2/1600) caught the fancy of moviet stars. (I think Steve McQueen had one of these.) It's ironic that, today, movie stars are advocates of the Green movement (which is threatening offroad use).

I think a strategy for offroaders, would be to get some allies in the Entertainment community. A. Schwarzanegger has a Hummer. I saw a commercial for George Bush, Jr (before the election), where he was driving in an old Bronco.

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Krittro Campbell
I watched it...comedy. The guy doin the show was amazed how fast they were on the fire roads and also how smooth.

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hey, hey, hey now, by anyone except a dez racer's standards they are fast and smooth. Exactly two 4x4's have been able to consistantly keep up with me in mine. A TJ and an early 4rnnr. Both were flogging their vehicles while I was just puttin' along. And by pre ACRA stds they'd crawl in about the 80th percentile.


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