Dust to Glory


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it's an IFC film. I'm suprised they don't throw it out on their channel more often imo.

Mike @ pit b

I've had it on my DVR for more than a year now.


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Still watch it a couple times a month, but I'm partial to it......lol


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the best part of the movie is ivan stewart's quote at the end of the movie. "hen about to finish all you want is a few more minutes of that feeling, 1 more mile, 1/2 a mile just let me hold onto this for alittle longer" its ohhhh so true even if your not winning just to know you finished is prob the best feeling ever to win just top the cake! such a great movie, quotes and footage, im glad its getting play on tv


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its also been running on the Showtime Channels on DirecTV in the last month


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yes i am the real Jetboat but that doesn't meen a hole lot.
You mean alot to me!.....And yes, That is the real Jet Boat!