Dusty Times 250


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the Dusty Times 250 is in Caliente,NV June 7th and 8th all you class nine people
if you want to race a fun race that doesnt beat you or your car this is the race for you
there are 4 water crossins,alot of fast mountain roads and sand wash there is hardley
any rough at all this is a race where the 9s can run down a 1600 on a straight away .
currently there are 14 people I have spoken to that said they where going to race
lets try and get as many cars as possible this race will be fun
so if you plan on racing or thinking about racing contact me and let me know
my self and clay lenard are going to do a $100 side pot 80% to 1st and 20%to 2nd
this should make for some interresting racing

Kenny Thatcher and Clay Lenard

True Grit Racing "never give up"