Dusty Ventures Motorsports 7300 Ranger


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We're just two months away from finally officially becoming racers. Which means we've officially entered crunch time (panic time is probably more accurate). The scouts are working their butts off and have been doing an excellent job, but between constantly alternating between fundraising and building time is running out fast. We've been working on the spare tire carrier and rear bumper lately. With where we had to stop the other day it looks like we cut the rear end off of Dailey's car and welded it to the truck. That will change soon, though. Still left are the electricals, plumbing, shocks, and all the little finishing details (lights, gps, radio, spare parts and tools, extinguishers, etc). Not to mention the paint job. Speaking of which, does anyone know a good (but cheap) place to get our blue and amber lights?


In the beginning

Roll Cage


Fuel Cell Mount

Progression of Tire Carrier/Bumper

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We look forward to racing with you in August. Hopefully we've got some of our own bugs worked out and will be ready to FINISH the race. Wow, its gonna be fun!!