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DWT Racing – 2016 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo – Downhill Assault Vehicle

The birth of the UTV industry as we know it came when early enthusiast’s imaginations led them to take humble farm utility vehicles and modify them to be used as sport vehicles. From engine mods to suspension upgrades there was no limit to the modifications made to those early machines. From the start, UTV’s have been a platform for innovative minds to create the machine of their dreams.

In the 1950’s when Polaris invented the first snowmobile the company captured the imagination of the people, and they did it again with the release of the ever-popular RZR line of side by sides. A company’s vision can only go so far when it comes to their products, however. After that it’s the mind of the enthusiast that will ultimately determine how that product is used and how far one can go in the pursuit of their ultimate machine. The vision of that ultimate machine will vary from one person to the next and the creation of those unique visions is a common theme that keeps us all coming back for more.

For Wes Miller, of DWT Racing, that vision took a slightly different twist from the normal “cage and wheels” build. Earlier this year when Wes took over as Marketing Director for DWT he had the idea to build a vehicle to bridge the gap between two sports that often find themselves sharing the same campgrounds all over the southwest. UTV’s and downhill mountain biking may seem like odd bedfellows, but with a little imagination they could compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly. As the mastermind and producer behind the popular “Huevos” series of ATV films, Miller is familiar with out of the box thought and after building the “Bomb Squad”, a team of freestyle quad riders, he has a keen eye for the desires of action sports athletes.

The idea of creating a vehicle designed to put the amazing off-road capabilities of the Polaris RZR XPIK4 Turbo together with the fun of downhill mountain biking was born of innovation. Since DWT Racing has a heritage of winning championships it was clear that this build had to be more that just a RZR with a bike rack mounted on the roof. What Wes and DWT wanted was a purpose-built machine capable of hauling a crew of riders quickly to the top of the mountain in style and with performance and comfort in mind. With those goals at the top of the list the Downhill Assault Vehicle (DAV) was conceived.

Once the build was complete Wes invited UTVUnderground.com out to Sedona, AZ to experience his vision first hand. Of course we gladly accepted the chance to check out this amazing ride and explore some Arizona slick rock in Sedona!
We arrived on a spring Saturday and the town was bustling with tourists, mountain bikers, jeep tours, and of course a healthy number of UTV’s charging all over town. We met Wes at a local grocery store where he was stocking up with provisions for a great day of riding. Once greetings were out of the way we walked over to the trailer where the DAV sat poised, ready for adventure.

The first thing that strikes you as you approach the DWT Downhill Assault Vehicle is its clean yet vibrant color scheme. The aggressive Vortex fiberglass body kit by Glazzkraft is beautifully cloaked in blue and white custom paint with red accents thrown in to compliment DWT’s iconic logo. Once a little closer the depth of the build began to take hold. Details abound on this rig. With everything from the obvious wheels and cage right down the small details like the Assault Industries fuel cap jumping at us all at once it was clear it was going to take some time to take in all that had been put into this build. Of course there’s no better way to take in all the details than to experience them on the trail, so off we went to meet up with some of Wes’ friends and find out just what the DAV was all about.

As we rolled up to the trailhead pro mountain bikers and Intense Cycles brand ambassadors, Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar, greeted us enthusiastically. Intense Cycles was on board with Wes’ concept of this one-off performance trail shuttle from early on and even supplied a $10,000 factory spec Intense Spider 29C for display on the DAV at shows and promos. The fact that Intense had just done a new product launch in Sedona the day before set the stage perfectly to properly shake down the DWT Downhill Assault Vehicle.